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Cuisine : Rustic Thai
Chef : Supaksorn Jongsiri
Pricing : $$$$
Location : Sukhumvit, Bangkok

At Sorn, Chef Supaksorn Jongsiri, serves his Southern Thailand home food in an elegant setting in Bangkok. Each course is exquisitely prepared using only ingredients …


Cuisine : Progressive Indian
Chef : Garima Arora
Pricing : $$$
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Gaa, a fine dining restaurant of Indian and Thai flavors presents a delicate well thought out menus of international cooking style with locally sourced ingredients.


Cuisine : Royal Thai Cuisine
Chef : Chumpol Jangprai
Pricing : $$$
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Chef Chumpol is committed to source only the freshest and finest of ingredients, enhanced by his art of seasoning, impeccable presentation and stellar service, all …

Sushi Masato

Cuisine : Japanese Omakase
Chef : Masato Shimizu
Pricing : $$$
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

In addition to Omakase, Sushi Masato offers an a-la-carte menu served upstairs. Patrons can enjoy an exceptional selection of the best products from …


Cuisine : Modern French
Chef : Gérard Villaret
Pricing : $$$
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu offers a new generation of lifestyle dining where East meets West. The restaurant offers stunning views of downtown …


Cuisine : Japanese, Thai
Chef : Shunsuke Shimomura
Pricing : $$$
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

At Resonance, Chef Shunsuke aims to bring out the very best of the local and seasonal ingredients of Thailand and Japan through time, …

Wang Hinghoi

Cuisine : Modern Thai
Chef : Nick Nutthapol Pavapaiboon
Pricing : $$$
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

At Wang Hinghoi or the Palace of Fireflies, Chef Nick serves a delicious, deconstructed Thai-inspired cuisine. The restaurant is tucked away on an old golf course in …

Restaurant INT

Cuisine : Progressive Thai
Chef : Knock - Pat-In Promsawadi
Pricing : $$$
Location : Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 20, on the rooftop floor of Best Western Plus Sukhumvit 20 Hotel, the newly opened rooftop venue Restaurant INT is best …


Cuisine : Thai
Chef : Aom
Pricing : $$$$
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

KHAAN’s Concept: This is a Thai restaurant that offers an innovative tasting menu, reimagining traditional Thai cuisine. The name ‘KHAAN’ translating to ‘Tiger’ …


Cuisine : Indian
Chef : Hari Nayak
Pricing : $$$
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

JHOL Coastal Indian Cuisine restaurant is located in the heart of Bangkok’s Sukhumvit district and surprises patrons with splendid cultural aesthetics reflecting the …