Restaurant INT

Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

Cuisine : Progressive Thai
Chef : Knock - Pat-In Promsawadi
Pricing : $$$
Seating : 28
Opening Hours : Thursday - Tuesday 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm
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Located on Sukhumvit Soi 20, on the rooftop floor of Best Western Plus Sukhumvit 20 Hotel, the newly opened rooftop venue Restaurant INT is best described as a progressive Thai cuisine dining spot.

To get to the panoramic view and the shining open kitchen perched atop the Best Western Hotel on Sukhumvit 20, diners take a bit of a journey. You ascend through the fire door stairs and traverse the rooftop before being greeted by friendly staff. Restaurant INT gets its name from the desire to allow customers to define dining in their own terms; a place where experiences are fulfilled and tailored according to individual preferences. It’s open-ended, much like an adventure waiting to be completed, with various possibilities, such as “international” or “intrigue”. The core concept revolves around applying French cooking techniques and infusing them with distinct Thai flavors and intricacies.

The restaurant's interior is a sharp contrast with the roof: dark walls, velvet curtains, and tables hugging the outer walls. In this dark and opulent space, chefs in crisp white aprons work in harmony at the stainless steel kitchen centerpiece.

Gao Lao Neau (Thai beef noodle) and Savoy Cabbage (Moo Kra Ta)

Restaurant Int offers a 13-course tasting menu known as Chapter One, "Way Back Home" (B3,990) evoking a sense of nostalgia, with signature dishes like aromatic beef stew (Gao Lao En Nuea Tun) and chilled milk bread (Pang Bing Nom Yen). Other menu highlights include: Blue crab with crab roe emulsion, green apple and Thai herbs; Cobia fish with curry paste, coconut milk and cucumber; Savoy cabbage with pork loin, pickled squid and black garlic; Britany cod with Asari clam, seasonal roots and coconut milk; and Wagyu beef with local kale, meat ball and Thai herbs and spices.

The chefs take Thai staples and elevate them to haute-cuisine for a mouth-walloping taste that's familiar yet new and unique. The journey begins with the amuse-bouche, a twist on traditional fish cakes. Instead of the usual frying, the aged cobia fish is prepared as tartare with a dry-aging process evincing a melt-in-your-mouth texture complemented by a blend of Thai herbs from Chiang Mai and a curry-infused cracker.

Next is their bread and butter: bread and butter. Inspired by Chef Knock’s personal favorites of fried steamed buns, sweet potato balls, and dumplings, the bread is filled with grounded potatoes and deep-fried for a light crispiness. The butter is, of course, French butter, but folded with a reduction of sour soy sauce.

For the appetizers, the grouper dish pays homage to the beloved khao tom pla (fish soup). Here, the grouper is poached and stuffed with jasmine rice. The broth bursts with natural sweetness and the zing of young ginger. It's a nostalgic journey down memory lane for many and a trip worth making. For the mains, the wagyu beef is a deconstructed beef noodle soup.

The tenderloin is paired with a kale ravioli and classic beef noodles, served with a red wine jus and an orange chili sauce, giving it an extra kick. Dessert transforms the usual black sticky rice into a cake, with a filling of soft coconut and corn and topped with black sesame ice cream with a delicate perilla seed cracker.

Menu at THB 3,990++

Attentive and impeccably trained staff are on hand to ensure guests are looked after at all times.

Best Western Plus Sukhumvit 20 Hotel Rooftop floor 17 Sukhumvit 20 Alley,
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Contact Information:
Phone: +66 93 256 9995
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