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Rwanda Best Restaurants

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Inka Steakhouse

Cuisine : Steakhouse
Chef : Nicole Ansoni
Pricing : $$
Location : Kigali, Rwanda

Inka Steakhouse is Kigali's finest steakhouse, promoting Rwandan beef and African produce. Prepared professionally by amazing …

Meza Malonga

Cuisine : Afro-fusion
Chef : Dieuveil Malonga
Pricing : $$$$
Location : Kigali, Rwanda

MEZA Malonga invites you to share an Afro-fusion cuisine experience in Kigali, Rwanda. We are storytellers of the history of the people and lands behind …

Heaven Restaurant

Cuisine : African
Chef : Alissa & Josh Ruxin
Pricing : $$$
Location : Kigali, Rwanda

Heaven Restaurant was custom built in 2008 to be the first hospitality training restaurant in Kigali. On an open-air terrace with expansive views …