Bangkok, Thailand

Cuisine : Thai
Chef : Aom
Pricing : $$$$
Seating : 45
Opening Hours : Daily : 17.00 – 1.00

KHAAN’s Concept: This is a Thai restaurant that offers an innovative tasting menu, reimagining traditional Thai cuisine. The name ‘KHAAN’ translating to ‘Tiger’ in Thai, holds multiple meanings of speaking, singing, and proclaiming. It carries not only a positive essence but also an aura of auspiciousness. Situated on bustling Somkid Street, known among both Thai locals and international visitors, our location is surrounded by residences, offices, and shopping centers.

The rich hues of shellac red and gold that adorn KHAAN symbolize the gentleness and elegance of Thai aesthetics. Our interior reflects an extraordinary fusion of traditional and antique Thai styles, creating a captivating blend of elements.

Chef Aom aims to present Thai cuisine by utilizing high-quality local Thai ingredients. This approach not only maximizes the intrinsic value of each component but also enhances their flavors, adding intricate layers to the dishes.

Through the harmonious incorporation of foreign ingredients, a fresh representation of Thai cuisine emerges, thoughtfully aligning with the preferences of Thai people. A meticulously curated sequence of eleven courses unfolds, akin to the harmonious and precise sounds of a musical performance.

The inspiration for this culinary journey stems from street food, which holds appeal for both Thai locals and foreigners due to its accessibility and satisfying nature. Chef Aom’s own family, who share a passion for cooking, has also played a role in her inspiration. The genuine warmth in Chef Aom’s heart, coupled with her mastery of traditional Thai recipes handed down by culinary masters, is transmitted to guests through each dish.

Traditional Thai recipes, often obscured with the passage of time, find new life through Chef Aom’s distinctive style. With 18 years of experience in the food industry, she adeptly marries traditional techniques with innovative presentation while staying true to the essence of traditional Thai cuisine.”

14/3 Soi Somkid, Ploechit Road
Lumphini, Bangkok 10330
Contact Information:
Phone: +66 92 441 6547
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Web: Khaan
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