Chef: Hiroki Nakanoue
Cuisine: Japanese Omakase
Opening Hours: Daily 2 seatings: 5:30pm and 8:30pm
Seating: 12 + 6 in private room
Telephone : +66 95 959 8830

Sushiyoshi is among the latest omakase sushi restaurant addition in Bangkok. The high-end restaurant creates sushi with inventive flavors and always surprises guests with novel execution.

Established in Osaka, Japan 28 year ago by Chef Hiroki Nakanoue came to Bangkok to deliver the highest quality of Omakase Sushi in a playful experience for sushi aficionados alongside his other chefs. Chef Hiroki Nakanoue earned his reputation and two Michelin stars at the original branch of Sushiyoshi in Osaka. Opened in June 2019 at it’s W Bangkok hotel location, Sushiyoshi treats diners to inventive omakase dishes and premium imports with stunning presentation.

Sanma and Sushi Rice Cracker. sweet shrimp carpaccio served with lobster and ice cream.

You can enter the minimally decorated dining room dominated by a 12-seater blond-wood sushi counter through two entrances; guests can enter Sushiyoshi either through a traditional blond-wood panelled entrance facing House on Sathorn or the one located inside W Bangkok Hotel.

The amiable and friendly staff glides with efficiency as you enjoy the omakase, providing unobtrusive service.

Omakase meaning the chef’s choice, there is no set menu. The chef will always use the freshest and most delicious ingredients of the day. Here, a delicate omakase dinner will set you back THB 6,800/person, served at just two sittings per night. Each meal is carefully crafted and camera perfect, but most of the sushi bites are very small, which requires you to eat them at once for the optimal taste. The full course includes 20 carefully crafted bites, including offerings such as simple-looking edomae style nigiri and beautifully presented small dishes. Others include intensely flavored lobster bisque, followed by a parade of fresh seafood bites; shako (mantis shrimp) served with matsutake mushroom, and delicate kindemai sushi. There’s kinki sushi, which combines a sweet fish with finely chopped shiitake instead of rice with hay-grilled managatsuo (silver pomfret).

But Chef Nakanoue’s finesse shines in a dish of Sanma (best autumn fish popular in Japan), a special menu of “Sanma and Sushi Rice Cracker“. The taste is quite oily but rich with a unique flavor. Also in kisu (Japanese whiting) flecked with Grana Padano cheese, and a sweet shrimp carpaccio served with lobster and ice cream.

Omakase dinner THB 6,800

The two Michelin star chef will always surprise you with creative and fancy dishes, capturing the attention of deep-pocketed gourmands by delivering extravagant dining. Reservations are a must. Customers are allowed to change or cancel reservations at least 7 days in advance.

W Hotel Bangkok, G Floor
106 North Sathorn Road, Silom
Bangkok 10500 Thailand
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +66 95 959 8830
Web: Sushiyoshi Bangkok
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