Chef: Sebastien Pinson
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Opening Hours: Daily 6:00pm - 1:00am
Seating: 25
Telephone : +66 2624 9555

A dinner at Sirocco has been considered a unique fine dining experience ever since the world’s highest alfresco restaurant first opened its doors.

Sirocco is located on the 63th floor of State Tower, one of the tallest skyscaper in Thailand; the views of Bangkok’s skyline are simply jaw dropping. The sense of having arrived begins with the ascent to the 63rd floor and the walk down the artistically lit staircase, with the city below and the soothing strains of the jazz band resonating through the warm breeze.

MUST TRY: Smoked and grilled mallard duck accompanied by a glass of wine. Carabinero red prawns enriched with a Campari gelée.

The set is very modern and you get the impression of staying in an open-air lounge with its unique backdrop of Lebua’s Dome. The rooftop is always crowded and lack seats. Not much of an issue when you are having a drink but it might be a bit irritating when you are trying to enjoy a 7-course menu.

Service is top notch with perfectly presented dining sets thanks to the amiable staffs and an ambience to remember.

Sirocco serves exquisite, refined Mediterranean cuisine and some of the most creative cocktails we’ve seen in Thailand. Sirocco offers a great selection of award-winning wines.

Prices are sky high and one of your most expensive restaurant in Bangkok, but the cuisine, views and experience are worth a visit. There is a strong breeze in the evenings and some may feel cold, so carry a stole.

State Tower, 63rd Floor
1055 Si Lom
Bangkok 10500 , Thailand
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +66 2624 9555
Web: Sirocco Rooftop Dining