Chef: Sujira Aom Pongmorn
Cuisine: Modern Thai
Opening Hours: Daily 06:00pm to 12:00am
Seating: 62
Telephone : +66 2 679 3775

Saawaan has conceptualized and is headed by Chef Sujira ‘Aom’ Pongmorn whose imaginatively innovative interpretations of Thai gastronomy bridges the gap between modern and traditional cuisine.

Saawaan serves Thai-inspired cuisine with a modern twist using seasonal ingredients that are locally sourced including squid from a small fishermen’s village in Krab or organic rice paddy crab from Sing Buri. The 24 seater restaurant serves only 9-course set menu dishes full of creativity and feast of flavours, providing a truly special journey through Thai flavours, culture and art.

Kor Mu Yang Tan, Marinated and Charcoal-Grilled Iberico Secreto Pork.

Saawaan’s design aesthetic nods to its name (Saawaan means ‘heaven’ in Thai) and focuses on Thainess; Dimly lit with golden lights, dark walls, dark wooden floor and the colourful wallpapers added a touch of warmth to the cold décor. The dining area featuring only 24 seats and another 6-seat counter at the bar for a closer peek into the kitchen.

The menu is a divided into 8 courses with each one representing the fundamental cooking technique used in traditional Thai cooking. Salad such as Koi Pla is usually served as a palate cleanser. This is a raw salad of Thai amberjack fish, roasted sticky rice powder, finely chopped Thai herbs and served on banana leaves which is perfectly balanced with a cornucopia of flavours that hit you all at once.

Other favorites are the Naem Nua Khao Tod, a play on a popular Isaan street food comprised of fried curried rice salad, with one-week fermented organic beef brisket topped off with confetti of golden-fried young ginger, herbs, red okra leaf and pickled cucumber. And, Krapaw Pla Muk, stir-fried homemade squid noodles with Thai holy basil sauce, Nam Prik, the Thai chilli-based dip made of premier crab fat and fiery curry paste,

You can choose either a wine pairing or a tea pairing with both hot and cold freshly-steeped and fermented wild tea from the north of Thailand.

THB 2,490++, Wine Pairing THB 1,990

Staff are very professional and well trained in both knowledge and customer service.

Saawaan is a showcase on how Thai cuisine is not just evolving but the innovative dishes can be reinterpreted with all the respect for the produce and Thai culinary heritage. True to its name, Saawaan (literally translates ‘heaven’ in Thai), its five-star seasonal menu will elevate your Thai-food experience into something of sky-high excellence. The passionate service and welcoming hospitality deliver an impeccable dining experience.

39/19 Soi Suanplu, Sathorn Road,
Thungmahamek, Sathorn,
Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +66 2 679 3775
Web: Saawaan
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