Chef: Deepanker Khosla
Cuisine: Urban Farm Dining
Opening Hours: Daily 6:00pm - 11pm
Seating: 34 indoor and 26 in the garden
Telephone : +66 2 258 4744

Haoma is a restaurant for people who are tired of the routine of conventional restaurants. It offers a bouquet of pleasant surprises which are neither artificial nor exaggerated, but keep down to earth and allow pleasant dining.

The innovative urban farm restaurant “Haoma” sets its sight high in becoming the world’s first carbon-negative restaurant by 2019. “DK” Deepanker Khosla, the chef and owner of the restaurant explained the inspiration behind his “passion project” – his plan is to refine fine dining by making it not only stimulate the senses but also environmentally sustainable, which offers you “responsible luxury”. Wherever guests will decide to be placed, they will have a stunning view on DK’s vision of how to cultivate edible plants originating from different parts of the world in an ideal and environmentally friendly way.

His sophisticated way of growing and watering his precious cultivations is basically invisible, but for people who are interested in learning more about his unique concept, he is quite willing to take a small guided tour after his job in the kitchen has been done. On this occasion, interested guests will also learn about his smart recycling system which could become a model for like-minded restaurants.

“Stick to the Roots”, “Duck liver rediscovered”, “Roulette”, “Lamb in the hills” and “Black forest” with 18 Karat gold.

The house of Haoma is strikingly different to usual restaurant architecture. The decoration is full of surprises, ideas and exciting details, which sometimes have a deeper symbolic character. The handcrafted wooden décor mingles harmoniously with indoor plants and ceramic plates which originated from one of the oldest manufacture in India. The impressive backyard garden can be seen through a glass wall from the indoor dining tables.

Guests who want to dine outside find themselves integrated into a stunning environment which is reminding more of a museum of plants than a conventional garden. Haoma’s guests will be captivated right from the very beginning by the restaurant’s serene atmosphere. It is a perfect venue for an exciting and entertaining dinner with family and friends, also cozy place for lovebirds who want privacy and offers the discretion and tranquility required for talks between business people.

The Haoma team is attentive and well trained. They are more than happy to explain to their guests more details about the food’s origin, the philosophy behind the specific recipe and composition and the creative names found for each individual dish. You might spot the staff picking out the fine herbs from the garden to be freshly prepared in the kitchen. There, you really know where your food comes from.

The fact that most of his produces are home-grown allow him to control the quality of the dishes. In addition, it enables him to play with the tastes and create handcrafted menus that bring out the best of natural flavors. For drinks, Haoma offers a fine selection of organic, bio-dynamic wines. And if you are a cocktail lover, don’t miss the “Bell pepper”, “Coconut” and “Grapefruit” cocktails. They are single-fruit-based drinks, which are not mixed from a confusing number of ingredients, but excel in their sophistication.

This unique home-grown produce and sustainable food ecosystem approach combined with progressive cooking techniques, which result in the most delightful “responsible fine dining” experience offered in Bangkok. It worth being mentioned that the price level for this exquisite food is very reasonable and make you feel like getting more than what you paid.

231/3 Sukhumvit Road
Khlong Toei Nuea
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +66 2 258 4744

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