Ginza Sushi Ichi Japanese Fine Dining in Bangkok at Hyatt Erawan- Bangkok Best Japanese Restaurants for Fine Dining
Chef: Masakazu Ishibashi
Cuisine: Japanese
Opening Hours: Daily 12:00 - 14:00, 18:00 - 22:00
Seating: 22 main dining room
Telephone : +66 2250 0014

Embark on an exquisite omakase experience as the chef crafts the course in front of you.

Ginza Sushi Ichi is the first restaurant in Bangkok to claim it flies its fish straight from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, no matter what day you dine, the fish will have been at the market less than 24 hours before service. In fact, the restaurant won’t even open the day after a Japanese public holiday because the market will have been closed.

MUST TRY: Shima aji (jackfish) offers a light taste and texture, sweet hotate (scallop) is presented with an energising pinch of zest, keiji salmon melts in the mouth, uni and ikura together create a fresh burst of flavours, and anago (eel) is brushed with a sweet sauce and lemon peel.

11-seat dining rooms centered around sushi preparation areas. Small yet inviting, the interior goes heavy on hinoki wood for a calming environment.

Smartly dressed bilingual waitresses.

The omakase service style means the chefs decide what you eat, all of whom are trained by Masakazu Ishibashi, the acclaimed head chef of the Michelin-star mother branch.

Ginza Sushi-ichi offers an exceptional omakase-style sushi dining experience, unfortunately with a hefty price tag. This restaurant’s arrival in Bangkok sparked a shake-up on the city’s sushi scene that redefined what diners expect from a top-tier Japanese restaurant.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel Bangkok
494 Ploenchit Road, Lower Ground Floor
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +66 2250 0014
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