Sushi Masato Japanese Fine Dining in Bangkok, Bangkok Best Restaurants for Fine Dining
Chef: Masato Shimizu
Cuisine: Japanese Omakase
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 5.30pm - 10.00pm
Seating: 20 (10+10)
Telephone : +66 2 040 0015

In addition to Omakase, Sushi Masato offers an a-la-carte menu served upstairs. Patrons can enjoy an exceptional selections of the best products from Toyosu market in the relax and cozy setting of Raw Bar Masato.

Sushi Masato is tucked away into a side Soi, an eponymous traditional sushi bar with an idyllic ambience serving one omakase. Chef Shimizu’s amazing knife skills, excellent balance on sushi, simple but well-executed and artful preparation of various dishes, highlights the freshest fish and premium seasonal produce with the pristine ingredients and perfect presentation.

MUST TRY: Signature dish, anago (sea eel) from Tsushima Island, Japan, is the best you can get anywhere. As well; uni (sea urchin) and fresh ikura (red salmon roe).

A handful of seats are consciously placed along the L-shaped counter and a display case of fresh appetising fish creates a satisfactory atmosphere while the chef slices fish behind the counter genuinely explaining his art to diners with enthusiasm and passion.

For the Omakase Chef Masato Shimizu carefully executes the finest ingredients into an extraordinary work of art in front of customers. Every dish is innovative and a pure delight. Apart from the exquisite fresh and delicately made tasty sushi, there are also other starters like grilled/marinated fish. Ebi sushi, monkfish liver and tamago is another delectable piece served in Masato as well as Otoro and iwa kagi rock oysters with mozuku seaweed and ponzu complemented by selected wines. Premium Omakase includes premium ingredients on top of the Omakase course such as: Ensui Uni, Abalone, Seasonal Crab etc... depending on Chef’s selection

Chef Masato Shimizu says “for me omakase is an ultimate experience. It’s not only about eating delicious food but also having pleasure through a friendly service, conversation, and atmosphere.”

The staffs are attentive, polite, knowledgeable and friendly.

Omakase THB 4,000++ and Premium Omakase THB 6,000++

Certainly living up to his reputation, Sushi Masato is an expensive restaurant and not for people on budget. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to book a place in this restaurant. The demand is such that you are required to make your reservations a month in advance. You can also request for your name to be added on a waiting list in case someone cancel his/her reservation. Sushi Masato requires a deposit to secure the booking. A credit card authorization link will be provided to you once your reservation is confirmed.

3/22 Soi Sawasdee 1
Sukhumvit Road 31
Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +66 2 040 0015
Web: Sushi Masato
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