Sushi Kuuya

Lang Suan, Bangkok, Thailand

Cuisine : Japanese Omakase
Chef : Goji Kobayashi
Pricing : $$$$
Seating : 8 Guests in each of 2 rounds
Opening Hours : Tue-Sun 5:30 pm-10 pm, Closed on Monday
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Sushi Kuuya, located in the newly opened building "Vivre Langsuan". Centrally located, close to a number of hotels (Sindhorn Midtown Hotel, Hotel Muse and etc.) shopping malls (Central Chitlom, Central Embassy and etc.), and just a short walk from BTS Chitlom and BTS Ratchadamri.

The name of the restaurant, Sushi Kuuya, gets its unique name from a local slang in Hakata, chosen by the chef’s father to honor its hometown in Fukuoka. The term "食うや" (Kūya) is a friendly invitation to dine, akin to "let's eat" in the Kansai dialect, which is a more casual counterpart to the formal "食べよう" (Tabeyou) found in standard Japanese. Sushi Kuuya logo sketched by the hands of a revered Japanese fish master in Yaizu, Shizuoka. It is not just a symbol, it is a story of respect, tradition, and the art of sushi that we cherish deeply.

Chef Goji's journey to Thailand marked the beginning of a new adventure in a land that was once unfamiliar to him. Captivated by its charm, he has poured his heart into Sushi Kuuya, paying close attention to every detail from the decor and construction to the choice of tableware and ingredients. His passion ensures that every guest enjoys an exceptional dining experience at Sushi Kuuya.

Sushi Kuuya blends traditional sushi with a warm, inviting ambiance. The intimate setting is limited to 8 seats per seating, allowing the chef to personally share the stories and origins of each dish's ingredients. It's not just about the food; Chef Goji strives to offer a holistic dining experience. The decor, characterized by minimalist wooden tones, captures the essence of Japanese elegance, featuring an L-shaped counter for a closer chef-guest interaction. To add to the ambiance, a Japanese florist frequently visits to adorn the space with fresh flowers, infusing the restaurant with vibrancy and life. Rounded design elements throughout foster a friendly, welcoming environment, echoing the well-balance that are quintessential to traditional Japanese cuisine. This philosophy of balance extends to the culinary approach, ensuring a dining experience that's as thoughtfully crafted as it is delightful.

Anago, simmered in a slow process to tenderizes the meat. Before serving, Anago is grilled to give it a slightly crisp exterior and soft in the inside.

The food at Sushi Kuuya begins in Japan, where chef Goji picks the freshest ingredients from trusted suppliers who have worked closely with him for years. He selects only the finest ingredients, never settling for less. His aim is to showcase the authentic taste and quality of the ingredients, bringing out their fullest flavour for his guests to enjoy. The menu evolved regularly based on the seasonal availability of ingredients, ensuring to always offer the freshest options. However, some highlights and chef signatures, like Anago, Awabi, Uni, Tennen Maguro and Kaizen Maki, remain available throuhout the year.

  • Highlights at Sushi Kuuya:
    Anago: Gently simmered for one hour, a slow process that tenderizes the meat. Before serving, we grill the Anago, giving it a slightly crisp exterior and soft in the inside.
  • Awabi: Chef Goji steam it for about five hours and use minimal seasonings to highlight its natural taste. He use the awabi liver for his signature sauce.
  • Kaisen Maki: Chef Goji's signature roll is the perfect finish to your meal. This special roll combinese Negitoro, Kanpyo, Botan Ebi and Uni for a truly delightful ending.
  • Premium Craft Sake Pairing: six unique types of sake, each carefully selected to complement our dishes. Every sake comes with its own fascinating story.

Omakase Course THB 6,500++ / Sake Pairing THB1,500++

Seating is strictly limited to 8 guests per round, with two seating daily at 17:30 and 19:30

Friendly staff are attentive and more than willing to explain dishes and assist with the sake pairing.

2F Vivre Langsuan Building
Langsuan Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Contact Information:
Phone: +66 929 169 299
Email: Send a message
Web: Sushi Kuuya Omakase
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Amazing Omakase in Bangkok

Sushi Kuuya is one of my most favourite Omakase restaurants in Bangkok. The taste, freshness, presentation and chef's approach are none to second. Highly recommended.

user rating

Laem N.

Contemporary creation of omakase.
The chef has drawn from the traditional culture of Japanese cooking, whether it be cooking rice, searing fish, etc., to make it easy to understand and bring out the flavor more...

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