Surawong, Bangkok

Cuisine : Japanese
Chef : Yuichi Mitsui
Pricing : $$$
Seating : 189 on four floors
Opening Hours : Daily 11:30am to 10:00pm, Sake Bar opens at 5:00pm

Kissuisen offers four premium restaurants with four original types of authentic Japanese cuisine in one place, namely Chi Izakaya Bar & Dining presents vibrant and lively Izakaya-style Japanese cuisine, Kaen Teppanyaki & Grill presents Japanese cuisine in the Teppanyaki style, Seifu Omakase Bar presents Japanese cuisine in the Omakase style with premium seasonal ingredients, Mizu Sake Bar offers a rare and exclusive collection of sake from distilleries in Japan.

Kissuisen means "Purity" in Japanese, reflecting the beauty of nature to reveal the true essence of the culinary art and the art of decoration in the restaurant. Each floor at Kissuisen is adorned with premium-grade materials and distinctive designs in accordance with the traditions and cultures of various types of dining. Starting from the entrance, guests are welcomed to relax in the ambience of the serene Zen garden with sand art and bonsai trees. Inside the restaurant, the decor features high-quality materials of Hinoki, a sacred fragrant wood from the Land of the Rising Sun that emits a unique fragrance. This extends to the architectural elements specific to Japanese design, including Tatami mats, Japanese Shoji sliding door, a Genkan reception area, Engawa walkways along the veranda, and interior decorations crafted from wooden sake barrels to create an atmosphere for dining and enhancing the sophistication of the authentic Japanese dining experience.

Kissuisen is a premium Japanese restaurant designed as a gathering venue for special occasions, business negotiations, or anyone who appreciates Japanese cuisine. It caters to customers seeking a comprehensive variety of offerings in one place.

Kissuisen Building, 262 Surawong Road
Siphraya, Bang Rak
Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Contact Information:
Phone: +66 2088 5666
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Web: Kissuisen Japanese Restaurant
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