Bangkok, Thailand

Cuisine : Royal Thai Cuisine
Chef : Rosarin Rin Sripathum
Pricing : $$$$
Seating : 65
Opening Hours : Wed - Sun 6:00pm - 11:30pm

Celadon serves an authentic palette of flavors and spices in beautiful presentations as only a Thai would know. The extensive menu offers a selection of specialties from regions across Thailand, crafted just as they were throughout the ages.

Celadon at The Sukhothai Bangkok is a haven of pieces in Bangkok’s downtown hustle and bustle with pure authentic Thai dishes from ancient records. Celadon presents Thai food in a sophisticated international setting without sacrificing the authenticity of true Thai cuisine.

Spicy Southern Style Yellow Curry, Toddy Palm, Coral Grouper Fish and Pomelo, Grilled Prawn, Shredded Coconut, Ground Peanut.

In two traditional salas in the manicured grounds of the Sukhothai Hotel, surrounded by lotus ponds. A wide-ranging menu includes seafood selections and dishes from the charcoal grill; the five- and eight-course set menu delivers smaller tasting dishes. The signature steamed rice dumplings make delightful starter, while whole seabass baked with Thai herbs impresses. Service is attentive and charming and there are nightly performances of traditional Thai dance.

Just as the elements and motifs of classic Thai design form the basis of Sukhothai’s identity and design aesthetic, classic Thai cuisine is the key concept behind Celadon’s menu. The art of Thai cuisine is celebrated at Celadon, with attention to detail seen throughout, from the selection of the freshest ingredients to the cooking techniques right up to the final presentation.

Chef Rossarin Sriprathum and her culinary team have recently introduced Celadon’s newest menus featuring sumptuous and authentic Thai dishes inspired by the Royal recipes of Princess Sadab Ladawan, in the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and M.L. Nueang Nilrat. Her creations promise the original palates of Thai food that can hardly be found elsewhere, even in Bangkok. This includes the addition of the kid’s menu that she creates to ensure that future generations can also appreciate the art of Thai delicacies.

Celadon is know for its top-notch service. Staff are courteous and attentive and make well-balanced recommendations.

THB 1,800++ to THB 3,200++

To all Thai food lovers, Celadon at The Sukhothai Hotel Bangkok, housed in a Sukhothai period inspired pavilion, offers an authentic culinary journey that will make you crave for more. Chef Rin cooks the food according to homey recipes combining with secret techniques allowing her to explore the culinary world of exceptional Thai cuisine.

The Sukhothai Bangkok
13/3 South Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Contact Information:
Phone: +66 2 344 8888
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Web: Celadon at The Sukhothai Bangkok
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