Chef: Hiroshi Watanabe
Cuisine: Japanese
Opening Hours: 5pm - 11pm
Seating: 45
Telephone : +65 6904 8880

Rizu showcases Chef’s Omakase menus including vegan and vegetarian friendly plant based course.

Rizu is a contemporary Japanese dining concept located in the busy drinks-centric Duxton Hill enclave. The 30-seater restaurant plays it simultaneously chic-sexy and intimate with its dim lighting, textured wall complemented by jazz music. Rizu showcases Omakase menus including vegan and vegetarian friendly plant based course. All the dishes capture the quintessence of Japan but in a nice arty way. Counter seating is a great option.

Chef’s omakase 7-course, Plant Based 7-course.

The ambience is cosy and chic. If you prefer a more bar-sy experience, the 16 seats alfresco area along the cobbled walkways outside is just perfect.

The staff are well trained and very attentive to customers’ requests. The presentation is great and the team ensure a very personal and memorable service is delivered.

The French fused modern Japanese cuisine available includes Chef’s Omakase, Plant based 7-course and Premium Omakase all crafted with precision and passion. The magnificent Wagyu Steak with Special Hacho-miso Sauce is shiveringly soft and toe-squirmingly good. Quietly luxurious Crab Risotto made with Donabe clay pot is available in the course. You can conclude the omakase on a fruity note with a seasonal peach with champagne granite. To complement the menu, you’ll also find an impressive selection of Japanese sake, premium wine and Champagne.

Rizu experience is interesting courtesy of the various sumptuous and in some instances rather exceptional dishes. That been said, but there is room for improvement if it wants to compete with top Japanese restaurants in the city.


39 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089617
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +65 6904 8880
Web: Rizu

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