Chef: Ivan Brehm
Cuisine: Progressive European
Opening Hours: Tues - Fri 11:30am-3:00pm and Mon - Sat 6:00pm-12:00am
Seating: 40
Telephone : +65 6221 4148

Nouri serves food rooted in familiar flavors no matter where you are from. The beautiful glass-walled interiors, done up with marbled flooring, and an alluring dark blue, from an interesting cross between rustic soulfulness and urbane chic.

Co-owned by the Executive Chef Ivan Brehm, previously Executive Chef of One Michelin starred Bacchanalia. The chef develops a tipply repertoire of ‘crossroads’ cooking, which in reality is just borderless cuisine which takes influences from around the world, fusing their culinary culture. The deconstruct ingredients, techniques, and flavours are geared toward identifying moments of connection between global food traditions. The restaurant space consists of an open kitchen concept with an intimate counter seating, a private room near the back kitchen as well as tables for various party size.

The signature Acaraje and Vatapa – Afro-Brazilian fritter, turmeric and coconut sauce, bread and salted prawn vatapa.

The gorgeous space features a long marble communal table which runs along the length of the room; half is occupied by Chef Brehm and his team as an open kitchen, while the other half is for diners. The well-stocked bar is the first thing you see upon walking in. Vibes is more upbeat, with the music hits from the 70s and 80s.

Service is friendly, flexible and professional, the presentation is impeccable and to cap it all the staffs know their stuff.

For Lunch, there is a la carte lunch or a 5-course omakase meal or you can go for the 7-courses or 5-course Chef Tasting Menu for dinner menu. Wild Rice Stem, with steam roasted makomotake, spiced buttermilk gratin, fermented burdock root and caraway sit among the first-course option or Burrata in oats soup speckled with basil oil sit among the first course options. It’s usually accompanied by golden berries, tomatillo, and cherry tomatoes topped with oats, caviar, and petai leaf.

Another dish is the Brazilian falafel which sits in three concentric circles of curries accompanied by sweet potatoes, tomato, green and Asian herbs oil. Try the Saffron Fish or the Beef and Oils. The beef Oil dish is characterized by a grass-fed wagyu rump cap with fermented jalapeño pepper paste, panzanella and aromatic oils. The delicious pepper paste sauce also contains bits of pistachio. Black Pepper Fish dish which consists of Raymond’s grouper, black pepper and vanilla sauce, charred pickled carrot and Big Red Robe featuring different textures of chocolate moelleux, Mirabelle plum fluid gel, and oolong tea.

The dessert such as the aged mandarin sorbet is the most reminiscent of an Asian one given a booster. Every good restaurant needs a good bar to enhance the dining experience so does Nouri. It has an extensive list of wine from all corners of the world though expensive as expected from this calibre of restaurant.

SGD 46 – 198

Nouri serves creative and well-prepared food in a gorgeous space accompanied by beverages that not only complement the food but are just as stellar on their own. The service is wonderful but the price is very steep. Nothing is free here not even tap water (filtered sparkling water cost $5/pax).

72 Amoy Street
Singapore 069891
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +65 6221 4148
Web: Nouri Crossroads Cooking

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