Fu He Hui


Cuisine : Chinese, Healthy, Asian
Chef : Tony Lu
Pricing : $$$
Seating : 60
Opening Hours : Daily 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-22:00

Fu He Hui is a vegetarian fine dining and tasting-menu-only restaurant with just three sets of eight courses. Fu He Hui will take you on a journey in understanding China’s diverse vegetables and fungi exotic culinary delights.


Fu He Hui Shanghai is a vegetarian fine dining restaurant which meal will take you on a journey in understanding China’s diverse vegetables and fungi exotic culinary. Set in a three storey-ed colonial townhouse where the view of the city adds to the serenity. The chef proudly employs methods and techniques from the Chinese and Western cooking to create well-sought dishes.


Fu He Hui is spread over three floors and divided into private rooms with interiors of neutral palettes of earth and grey tones with lots of stone, wood, and fabrics. Museum-worthy display of furniture and art pieces from Ming and Qing dynasties which adorn the 90-capacity restaurant (2 enormous VIP rooms and the main dining hall on each of floor) add a sense of serenity which makes a difference to the dining experience.


One particular must try masterpiece is the playful ‘Garden’ course. It consists of the sweet crunch of baby carrots and a micro radish planted in a tiny wooden planter filled delectable airy potato mousse.


The wait staffs are friendly, engaging, enthusiastic, knowledgeable as well as attentive – in many ways, prescient. Dishes are small and expensive but beautifully crafted and presented.


Fu He Hui is a tasting-menu-only restaurant with just three sets for eight courses which changes regularly. Flavor-wise, the chef focus on intriguing nuances and textures rather than big, bold, spicy types with each dish having only the lightest touch of salt if any without a drop of oil. The menu includes grilled porcini smoked in a jar with a wand of grapevine, Amuse potato; potato stuffed with quail egg, fruit tarts. Delicious Eggplant rolls filled with jielan (Chinese broccoli) in a teriyaki sauce. Mashed taro dumpling textured with a base of smooth orange pumpkin sauce, a layer of soft spinach, and dumpling interior filled with tiny cubes of mountain yam and mushroom. Soups are immaculately pure, such as a clear mushroom broth. Artful dessert such as a black bean ice cream paired with a delicate bean flour pastry won’t be found missing.


RMB 480, 780 and two options at 980


Fu He Hui is the most refined vegetarian dining destination in Shanghai where vegetables are presented in different ways to crowds of nouveau riche who book out the private dining rooms. Fu He Hui is regularly ranked among the best restaurants in Asia.

1037 Yuyuan Road
near Jiangsu Road, Changning
Shanghai, China
Contact Information:
Phone: +86 21 3980 9188
Web: Fu He Hui Vegeterian Fine Dining
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