Guy Savoy Las Vegas

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Cuisine : French Fine Dining
Chef : Nicola Costagliola
Pricing : $$$$$
Seating : 72
Opening Hours : 5:30-9:30PM, closed Mon and Tue

Strength of flavour through preservation of the natural tastes and textures of produce. The attainment of aesthetic beauty: that which is intrinsically virtuous should be equally beautiful extrinsically. Respect for seasonality, for quality can only be obtained in this state. Man is wholly connected to his physical surroundings. The mastery of technique, the fruits of the labours of apprenticeship: to master techniques is to set oneself free, giving free reign to creativity. As Danton put it,”Daring, more daring, daring forevermore.

Signature Dishes
Served all year round, this soup is a part of the restaurant’s history. It is a dish packed with earthy flavours. The artichoke, a favourite vegetable of Guy Savoy’s, is cooked in a truffle jus. Layered mushroom brioche underpins the flavours; spread with truffle butter, this is a savoury evolution of the fruit brioche so beloved of his childhood.

3570 S Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89109
United States
Contact Information:
Phone: +1 702 731 7286
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