Chicago, United States

Cuisine : European
Chef : Grant Achatz
Pricing : $$$$$
Seating : 65
Opening Hours : Daily: 5:00 PM – 10:00 AM

Alinea has been universally praised for its innovative approach to modernist cuisine. It is one of only 14 restaurants in the U.S. to earn the coveted Michelin 3-Star rating. It has also won James Beard Awards for Outstanding Restaurant in the U.S., Outstanding Service in the U.S., and Outstanding Chef in the U.S. Every night, chef Grant Achatz and his team offer three distinct experiences at Alinea: the Kitchen Table, The Gallery, and The Salon.

1723 North Halsted Street
Chicago IL 60614
United States
Contact Information:
Phone: +1 312 867 0110
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Web: Alinea
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