Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine : Italian
Chef : Antonio Guida
Pricing : $$$$$
Seating : 45
Opening Hours : Daily 12:30 - 3pm and 6:30pm - 11pm

Talea by Antonio Guida is an Italian restaurant serving "Cucina di Famiglia"—traditional family recipes handed down for generations in a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Each dish is freshly made by our team using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our signature truffle bruschetta and classic spaghetti carbonara are just two examples of how we integrate Italian staples into modern creative cuisine. To accompany your meal, our wine list features emphasis on Italian wines, and Proseccos from both historic and niche producers. Dining at Talea is a genuine luxury experience which you will savour again and again.

The menu at Talea – celebrating “Cucina di Famiglia”, or family-style cuisine – draws on Guida’s distinctive culinary alchemy and interpretation of classic dishes traditionally known and cherished by households across Italy. Talea’s uncommon excellence was recognised by the bestowal of a Michelin star, establishing the restaurant as one of the finest that the UAE has to offer.

Behind the name Antonio Guida, there’s a man with a distinct personality who never fails to delight both friends and diners. His talent for culinary alchemy has captivated numerous prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the globe and earned him recognition as one of Italy’s finest chefs.

Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental
West Corniche Road
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Contact Information:
Phone: +971 2 690 7999
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