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Fillet of Beef with Bubble and Squeak

Fillet of beef with bubble Sarai Cuisine at Top 25 RestaurantsFillet of beef with bubble and squeak, fine beans and Gorgonzola cream jus. Fillet steak is so special it makes the perfect dinner party recipe to share with your friends. It originated in the UK back in the 18th century and it was a dish of fried meat and cabbage.

Serves 4 people


• 1 kg beef fillet, in 4 equal portions
• 1tbsp  gorgonzola cheese
• 1 cup cream
• 2 cups gravy (see recipe)
• 1 pkt green beans
• ½ shredded cabbage
• 4 potatoes peeled
• 3 cloves roasted garlic
• 1 tbsp butter
• sea salt
• cracked black pepper


1.Boil the potatoes and when cooked mash. While they are still hot add the butter, and crushed roasted garlic, some cracked black pepper and sea salt.
2. Then blanch the shredded cabbage in water and stir into the mashed potato and set aside.
3. Meanwhile season the fillets with black pepper and sea salt and sear in a hot pan on all sides till caramelized- then place in the oven and cook to desired temperature. Be sure to keep all the juices for the sauce.
4. Make patties out of the mash and cabbage then press down to for a small cake.
5. Fry these in hot butter until caramelized on both sides and place in oven to heat through.
6. For the sauce take 2 cups of gravy (see recipe) and to this add ½ a cup of cream and the Gorgonzola. Be sure not to let all the cheese dissolve. Allowing small chunks of cheese to be in the sauce adds to its character.
7. Remove the fillet and bubble and squeak from the oven and plate with green beans and the sauce.

For the Gravy

1. Keeping all the juices and fat from the fillet.
2. Place on the heat and begin to fry the chopped garlic. De-glaze with a touch of red wine.
3. To this add 2 cups of water which has had a stock cube dissolved in it.
4. In a separate cup dissolve 1 tsp of corn flour in about 100ml of milk. Whisk this into the boiling gravy liquid until desired thickness is achieved. 
5. Stir in 2 tbsp of butter test for seasoning.


Traditionally bubble and squeak is made with cabbage and potato, but its great with any left over vegetables you have, particularly spinach, small florets of broccoli and cauliflower. Add some fried chopped bacon to give it another dimension too.

Recipe from Safari Cuisine, a book by Andres Bifani