Restaurant Botanic

Adelaide, South Australia

Cuisine : Australian
Chef : Justin James
Pricing : $$$$
Seating : 35
Opening Hours : Dinner Thursday To Saturday From 6:00pm Lunch Sunday Only From Midday

Restaurant Botanic is a celebration of place and time. The place is the stunning 51-hectare Adelaide Botanic Garden that surrounds our restaurant and inspires everything our guests touch, tastes, and experience. Time is a little different. There are the seasons, of course, but there are also the seasons within seasons that are unique to South Australia, the micro-seasons of the Botanic Garden, and the day’s weather. Then there is the time you spend with us. We are committed to creating a unique and immersive experience for every guest that we welcome into our space. This experience takes time, and the only thing we ask is your willingness to go on a culinary journey that will be an experience of the senses of at least four hours.

Plane Tree Dr
Adelaide SA 5000
Contact Information:
Phone: +618 8223 3526
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