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Let’s Go to the South of Thailand Together with TAT’s Amazing Thailand Beyond Experience

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) joins hands with Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) to cooperate with business owners in the southern region of Thailand, for the purpose of launching a campaign named “Amazing Thailand Beyond Experience” which aims to provide exclusive special deals and discounts for expats and foreign tourists; in order to encourage connected traveling from main cities to less-visited cities and creating a meaningful experience (The right moment can be created without waiting), ultimately leading to sustainability. Make traveling become “Spontaneous Happiness”.

Nowadays, Thailand has gained popularity from foreigners as a destination for living and working abroad. Based on a statistic by the Expat Insider in 2023 (data from July 2023), Thailand is ranked 6th out of 53 countries across the globe as the Best Destination for Living and Working Abroad. The ranking has continuously improved over the years, from the 12nd place in 2021 to the 8th place in 2022. Thailand possesses factors that enable working abroad, for example, satisfactory salary, good quality of living, rich culture, delectable cuisine, and other factors concerning tourism such as a variety of tourist destination and interesting activities; all of which perfectly meets expat tourist’s demands for traveling, be it workation, wellness tourism, or leisure shopping.

Therefore, TAT. cooperates with Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) and tourism businesses in the southern region of Thailand (e.g. accommodation, restaurant, health & wellness, activity, and community-based tourism) to launch a campaign named “Amazing Thailand Beyond Experience”, in order to stimulate southern Thailand tourism market and facilitate a continuous growth. The campaign provides exclusive discounts for the expat group and foreign tourists on the website:

Enjoy a trip to the south of Thailand at a special price by registering on the website and redeeming any desired special deals. After that, show the promotional code at the participating establishment to use the special deals or discounts. The promotion’s conditions are as the establishment designated.

Redeem special deals from today to 30 April 2024 on the website:

Let's Go to the South of Thailand Together with TAT's Amazing Thailand Beyond Experience - TRAVELINDEX