Chef's Talk

Chef Ferran Tadeo

Chef Ferran Tadeo Executive Chef at Embassy Room, Park Hyatt BangkokChef Ferran's fascination with Asia started during a journey spanning multiple countries, beginning in Japan at the age of 22. From Tokyo to Kyoto, and two years later, I embarked on a voyage through China, from Beijing to Hong Kong," he recounts. "It was all-consuming, as everything felt so different from what I was accustomed to." Today Chef Ferran is orchestrating culinary wonders at Embassy Room - Catalan Cuisine at the Park Hyatt Bangkok.

His passion for cooking ignited at the tender age of six, and his journey speaks volumes. Mentored by the legendary Ferran Adriá, the mastermind behind Spain's Michelin star surge, Ferran honed his skills at the renowned El Bulli until its closure. He then delved into the role of Research and Development Chef at the prestigious José Andrés Restaurant Group. His culinary adventure eventually led him to Hong Kong, where he assumed the position of Executive Chef at La Rambla by Catalunya. Today he showcases his Catalonian heritage with pride, graces Bangkok's culinary landscape as the Chef de Cuisine at Park Hyatt Bangkok's Embassy Room - Catalan Cuisine.

Was your decision to become a chef conscious or did you fall into it?

It was my decision to become a Chef, seems I was a kid I liked to cook with my grandmother. At younger age, I was helping in my friend’s restaurant at the beach during summer time. After at the school I decided to go to culinary school. It was very clear for me what I liked to do in my life.

Who was your biggest influences to embrace a cooking career?

My biggest influences when I started my cooking career was Ferran Adria and El Bulli team. I was a stagier there for 2 seasons, I was only 21 years old and they make my passion to be bigger. Understanding creativity with the best change your life and make you to grow so much.

What are some emerging food trends that you are noticing?

Proximity products and honest cooking it is the one emerging for the last years and it’s here to stay.

How easy or difficult is it to find the right ingredients for Catalan cuisine in Bangkok?

We have some challenge but normally it is not very difficult.

What would you cook at home if you were just making a laid-back dinner?

Something very simple. Grill meat or fish with vegetables topped with good olive oil.

What’s the difference between being an Executive Chef in Spain (Europe) and in Bangkok?

One of the biggest challenge I had working around the world it has to adapt to the staff in every country. We have different way to express our self, ways to cook, ways to organize,… However, for me it is the magic when you work in other countries. Understand the culture, language, communication, trainings,…

Do you source as much local produce as possible for each restaurant and does this have a big impact on the menu?

We are so lucky because the local products are amazing and every time it is growing more and more. We use local products as well as international ones. We are a Spanish restaurant; we need to give iberico pork, beef and some vegetables from Spain.

How is people’s relationship with food different between Europe and Thailand?

For me in Spain we grow around food same as Thailand. Of course the flavour, product,… it’s different but for me going to see my family on a Sunday will mean grill in the rooftop or rice day, I think we are very similar on that.

Is there one dish that sums up your style?

Right now in the menu we Carabinero cim i tomba It’s the perfect dish to suit my style. Taking a traditional recipe and give a modern touch, with high quality ingredients and a lot of flavour.

Do you try out dishes on your family or friends?

Of course, I think family and friends will be the ones to tell you what they do not like from your dishes then you can make it better listening them.

How often do you change at the menu at Embassy Room?

We change the menu every 3-4 months; I really like to work with seasonal products.

Do you serve vegetarian dishes?

Yes, we have vegetarian option for our tasting menu as well for a la carte.

What are your customers' most frequently requested dish?

Lately from our new dishes we added in the menu the most popular ones are our octopus rice (full of flavour and something in Spain we eat a lot), the monkfish suquet (fisherman stew with a perfect texture for the fish) and canelon (another very traditional dish from Spain which come with foie cream and truffle béchamel)

What do you think the most important qualities are in a young chef?

Want to learn, listen, work hard, passion, respect the products, and love what you do… It is all about hospitality.

What do you think about chefs like Gordon Ramsay, who have taken haute cuisine to the masses via reality TV?

I think the been a big help to bring our profession to be well known to a lot of people, but sometimes people gets a wrong vision of our job. We do not go out of the culinary school and we become a famous chef, it is many years of hard work in the kitchen growing slow, hours and hours in the kitchen to be better, frustration after long days, complains from the guests. It’s so much to get to this point.

Can you name some famous people you have cooked for?

I been lucky cooking for the FC Barcelona team, players from the NBA, actors and politicians.

What’s the one cooking tool that a Chef should not be without?

Sharp knife

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Learn from your mistakes. If every day we fix one think at the final of the year, we fix 365 mistakes. That will make us better and better.

What’s are your favourite restaurants in Bangkok?

I have many favourite restaurants in Bangkok, lately I been a lot to Cento (good food & ambiance), another will be El Willy when I want Spanish food or Lenzy it’s my place for T-bone. For Thai food I like to go to Polo Fried Chicken or Laap Nuea (Isaan food my favorite Thai). For fine dining my favourites Baan Tepa, Elements, Cote & Potong.

Your favourite holiday destination?

I am a fan of discover different places when I travel. My top destinations are Japan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and of course Thailand to discover more about where I’m leaving.

What’s next for you (plans, dreams, …)?

One of my dreams it has to have my own restaurant. However, we will see if that happens, I will keep working hard trying to get there. My plan it has to stay in Thailand for the next years, I really like to live here.