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The popular French dish known as escargots, or cooked snails, is typically served as an appetizer. The snails must first be cleaned, taken out of their shells, and cooked—usually with garlic butter, chicken stock, or wine—before being prepared. Although cooked escargots can be served on toasted baguette slices, they are usually presented in their shells on an escargot dish. In that instance, special snail tongs are required to grasp the shell while a two-pronged snail fork is used to extract the flesh.

How to Eat Escargot at the World’s Best Restaurants

In France, snails or escargots, are one of the most treasured dishes. There, they consume over 60 thousand tons of escargots every year. Specialist farms throughout France produce these high-quality edible snails rather than nab them out of gardens. Apparently, escargot has been a popular menu item since the times of Ancient Greece and Rome. However, this iconic staple you’ll find at the world’s best restaurants, particularly in Burgundy, is a luxurious treat you should try at least once.

How to Order Escargots

If you visit France, you will certainly find a variety of escargot dishes to taste. The most popular among them is Escargots à la Bourguignonne. It is a true classic with roasted escargots served in a creamy garlic butter. You may also see Escargots à la Bordelaise, with the escargots cooked in a rich white wine and meat broth. It is sometimes put inside a light puff pastry. When you see escargots on the menu at one of the world’s best restaurants, especially in France, you shouldn’t miss the chance to taste them.

How Do You Eat Escargot?

When dining out and ordering escargot, you will be presented with a beautiful tray of these snails. If they are in the shells, you will be given a pair of tongs along with a special snail fork. Using the tongs, hold the shells, then twist the fork inside to pull the meat from the shell. It is encouraged that you take your time as this dish is meant to be savored and enjoyed. In some places, the snails will be removed from the shells. In that case, you will have only the snail fork to pluck them up and enjoy the meat. Often, they will come with a crusty hunk of bread for dipping into the sauces. The snails themselves are similar to mussels in texture with a chewy yet smooth texture. Some describe them to taste a bit like portobello mushrooms, the earthy flavors due to these being herbaceous creatures themselves.

Best Places to Eat Escargot

Heading to the world’s best restaurants is the ideal place to taste escargot if it is on the menu. In Paris, you’ll find some of the best places to sample them like L’Escargot Montorgueil, though if you head to Burgundy, it is considered the most famed region for this French dish. It is in Burgundy where they have the Helix Pomatia snails, a true treasure for the taste buds. In Dijon, the capital of this region, you can taste the finest escargots along with France’s other revered dishes like beef bourguignon and coq au vin, along with the best wines. They tend to stew the escargots for hours in a broth of wine, shallots, carrots, and onions before stuffing them with garlic and parsley, then roasting them in an oven. When you finally gather up the courage to try this French delight, you will see why the world’s best restaurants always serve this esteemed dish.