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Elegant and delectable, lobster is the ideal dish for any special occasion. Compared to crab, lobster has a fishy flavor, but it also has a richer, more fulfilling taste. Lobster tails have a lot of muscle, making them meaty and absolutely gorgeous. Although more readily available, lobster nevertheless exudes a sense of elegance and is a terrific choice for impressing guests. Lobster has graced the table of many a romantic meal, and made dinners a little bit more special.

How to Eat Lobster at the World’s Best Restaurants

One of the most luxurious treats on the menu at the world’s best restaurants is lobster. Cherished for its succulently sweet meat, it is truly among the top things to taste. While some people choose to make lobster at home, enjoying it on a special occasion at a fine dining establishment brings another layer of opulence to this dish. These tips will enhance your enjoyment of this treasured menu item.

Know How to Choose Your Lobster

Some of the world’s best restaurants will feature a lobster tank where you can pick the lobster you want to eat. In this scenario, you will want to find one with large claws to give you the most meat. But don’t despair if the fine dining restaurant you’re in doesn’t have a visible tank, or even if you simply don’t want to be tasked with making a choice. Many establishments will go with the market price for the weight of the lobster. You can simply let them know the weight of the lobster, such as 3 or 4 pounds, and they will choose for you.

Pick the Right Utensils

When it comes to serving lobster in the fine dining world, expect to be granted a unique set of cutlery. You’ll have a claw cracker and a lobster pick to help easily get meat out of those crevices. Many of the world’s best restaurants will do all the work for you with pre-cracking the shell so you will have minimal work. However, you may need to employ your claw cracker for claws. Simply squeeze the claw cracker closed on the claw and it should give way with a satisfying crack.

Where to Start

You’ll know your lobster will arrive at the table soon when your server provides you with a bib. While it’s hardly elegant, neither are greasy butter stains from your meal on your finest apparel. When the lobster is placed on the table, you can begin with the tail. It’s often the easiest part to start with and one of the most delicious ones too. Follow with the lobster claws, though be sure to avoid the green gland near the end of the head. Most upscale restaurants will have already removed this unpleasant portion prior to delivering it to your table.

How to Pair Wine with Lobster

For any fine meal like lobster, having wine along with it can only enhance your pleasure. Chardonnay is an excellent choice because it suits the light flavors of the lobster. Another option would be Riesling due to its high acidity, fruity, and sweet floral notes, especially when paired with baked or broiled lobster. Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful match for steamed lobster with its zesty citrus notes. You can experiment with wines at the world’s best restaurants or ask the sommelier when they arrive at your table for a winning suggestion to pair with your lobster tonight.

Know Your Drinks