Chef: Seita Nakahara
Cuisine: Italian
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 12pm – 2.30pm and 6.30pm – 10.30pm, Saturday: 6.30pm – 10.30pm, Sunday: Closed
Seating: 42
Telephone : +65 9751 2145

terra Tokyo Italian delivers a unique style of Italian cuisine, inspired by Shokubunka (the honour of Japanese food culture) and the passion of Chef Seita Nakahara for Italian culinary traditions.

The unorthodox Japanese Italian restaurant is situated among the quaint shop houses on Tras Street. Terra by Seita creates wonderful seasonal cuisine where Japanese ingredients find their way into recognizable Italian dishes. Beyond the impeccable freshness and quality of the ingredients, the restaurant is dedicated to offering customers a different gastronomic experience each time they visit by keeping diners records unless there’s a special request for a repeat item. This fine-dining restaurant serving Tokyo-Italian cuisine is probably the most fluid one in Singapore.

Uni (Hokkaido sea urchin) Bruschetta, served with homemade preserved lemons.

The interior is a co-mingling of soft pastel blue colours, a garden wall, a flower brick wall, light wood, metal statues of cows and glass panels. The private areas are divided by pillars and each wall is plastered with terracotta bricks, live plants or silver cow heads that puts you right at ease.

Showing the diners ingredients before the meal heightened the anticipation. The service and presentation are top notches. Staff were warm and courteous but not overbearing.

This fine-dining menu change constantly as a result of the exclusivity of hand-picked seasonal ingredients. Starters includes freshly baked warm bread presented in cute rustic cloth bags topped by house made porcini mushroom butter. The main dishes include Uni crostini, lobster with an array of seasonal vegetables, pasta with porcini mushrooms and truffles and Wagyu beef. Another is Ibercio pork, which was grilled and served with a caponata sauce with amazing depth and flavor. Bonito Carpaccio is served with dill sauce, Japanese cherry tomato base, and then drizzled with olive oil.

Terra by Seita’s signature items include decadent sea urchin pasta marinated in lobster, botan ebi and scampi, topped with yuzu, bottarga and uni. Addictive appetizer of crisp bruschetta, Tiramisu or fruity dessert from japan such as sweet Yuzu sorbet, Moscato D’asti jelly and Italian fruit sponge served in a Macedonian style is a fantastic way to end your meal. The wine list is additionally superb with few Italian brands at an affordable price.

SGD 42 to SGD 408++

This Michelin star restaurant truly delivers personalized food and deliciously fresh with top professionalism accompanied by warm service and a relaxing ambience. It is anyway advised for diners to go with their costlier menu as Terra Seita tend to treat diners who choose their most expensive menu far better both in quality of meal and service.

54 Tras Street
Singapore 078993
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +65 9751 2145
Web: terra Tokyo Italian

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