Chef: Haikal Johari
Cuisine: European
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 12:00-2.30pm, Monday - Saturday 6pm-10pm, Closed on Sunday
Seating: 60 in main dining room, 10 in semi-private room, 14 in whiskey library, 8 in wine cellar, 20 in courtyard
Telephone : +65 6735 9937

While celebrity Chef Juan Amador sets the direction for the cuisine based on the classic cuisines of Catalonia, the Basque Country, and France, Chef Johari introduces Singaporean elements with Thai influences.

Juan Amador was born of Spanish parents in Swabia, in southwestern Germany, and has opened multiple, highly rated restaurants in Europe. He uses molecular gastronomy methods to create novel consistencies, compositions and aromas, but the basis of his recipes is based on the classic cuisines of Catalonia, the Basque Country, and France. Alma, which translates as “soul”, was opened in 2015 and won a Michelin star the following year. The kitchen is helmed by Singaporean Haikal Johari, who is himself a celebrity chef.

MUST TRY: Boston lobster on angel hair pasta with hijiki seaweed and lobster oil.

The Goodwood Park sets the tone of luxury, while the restaurant has a deceptively simple décor, the room being divided lengthwise by a large red frame and glass shelves packed with wine bottles. The main room is spacious with the tables well placed for privacy, and the courtyard is an attractive option.

Service is friendly, tending towards the informal, and well versed in the preparation of each dish should you seek their advice.

Although Juan Amador sets the direction for the cuisine, the menu itself is open to the influence of Chef Johari, who along with introducing Singaporean elements also adds Thai influences from his time at Thailand’s Water Library. He offers two tasting menus, of six and eight courses, which are designed for the whole table. There is also a three-course lunch menu.

S$138 to S$178

Surprise is the essence of dining at Alma, with the presentation of each course being a visual journey, each item seeming to outdo the one that preceded it. As such, and given Amador’s star power, this is a place to impress. The lunch menu is at a surprisingly low price.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +65 6735 9937
Web: Alma by Juan Amador

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