Chef: Jason Atherton
Cuisine: Progressive European
Opening Hours: Brunch (Weekends only) 12:00pm to 3:00pm, Lunch (Monday to Friday) 12:00pm to 2:30pm, Dinner (Every day) 6pm to 10:30pm
Seating: 40 and 12 in private room
Telephone : +86 21 6080 2918

Table No. 1 is located in on the ground floor of a refurnished 1930 docks warehouse, now a boutique hotel. Headed by Chef Christopher Pitts, the menu is rooted in French cuisine, delivering world class food in a casual social dining atmosphere.

Table No. 1 is a casual restaurant with a modern European appeal located in on the ground floor of a refurnished 1930 docks warehouse, now a boutique hotel, The Waterhouse. The restaurant replicates a wooden box designed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Headed by Chef Christopher Pitts, whose menu is rooted in French cuisine, the kitchen uses plenty of modern techniques to deliver sumptuous meals that satisfy every palate.

The Aged Beef Sirloin with Smoked Spring Onions served on a wooden board. Marinated Strawberry and Basil Sorbet Topped by Basil Ash Meringue.

The grey tones, dim lighting, vintage furniture juxtaposed against bare concrete floors with metal and wooden elements intertwined with each other completes that ubiquitous faux-industrial look – feels like a trendy minimalist caf้. Tables are generously spaced apart with comfortable designer chairs and homely leather cushioned couches.

As expected from a restaurant of this calibre, servers speak politely and were knowledgeable. The service is excellent.

The menu is modest in size and dishes are meant to be shared. A la carte menu includes Eggs Benedict with Parma ham and beef tongue, Charcoal roasted Wagyu brisket with shaved onion, house pickle, BBQ Pork Shoulder with Chipotle Slaw, French Toast with Orange Marmalade Mains include four fish (sole, cod, sea bass, and bouillabaisse), along with pork, beef and lamb; Grilled Ranger Valley Wagyu sirloin with confit shallot, Montpellier butter; Pistachio dip with focaccia bread; Crispy pig ear fries with shaved cauliflower, shichimi chili, Tuna tar tar with avocado, ponzu. The desserts are an exquisite sensual assault, candy bar banana mousse with miso peanut, chocolate tuple, chocolate soy milk sorbet; marinated strawberry and basil sorbet topped by basil ash meringue; the sublime bitter chocolate ganache comes with chocolate bubbles and crumbly chocolate.

RMB 250 – RMB 450

Table No 1 ’s one of the most beautiful trendy cafes you’ll ever eat in. The emerging world class food with casual ‘social dining’ is geared towards sharing the communal tables with other groups. The food and experience worth every penny.

Table No.1 at The Waterhouse
1-3 Maojiayuan Road, near Waima Road
Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +86 21 6080 2918
Web: Table No.1 at The Waterhouse Shanghai