Cuisine: Cantonese
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00am - 3:30pm and 5:00pm - 9:30pm
Seating: 36 tables and 14 private rooms
Telephone : +86 21 5308 1188

Located in Yi Feng Galleria in Huangpu District, this Cantonese restaurant has quickly become one of the favorite dining spot in the Bund area. It boasts over 2,000-square-meter space with 36 tables and 14 private rooms, serving an exquisite collection of Cantonese dim sum, siew mai and seafood.

Located in Yi Feng Galleria in Huangpu District Shanghai, the fine dining restaurant provides diners get to enjoy a sumptuous selection of Cantonese dishes prepared in a traditional style using only freshest and quality ingredients and flavors that surely deliver a marvelous dining experience and gastronomic indulgence. The dining rooms are elegantly decorated with plenty of crystals, a worthy match for the food.

Steamed Live Eel with Chinese Wine, Chilled Fresh Australian Abalone and Sautéed Diced Beef with Black Sliced Garlic.

The attractive restaurant interior features an extensive dark timber paneling contrasts with the soft neutral tones of contemporary decor with elegant dining spaces creating a comfortable ambience that exudes an understated elegance and intricacy.

The service is great but the waiting staffs can be persuasive sometimes. The presentation is artful.

Imperial Treasure serves culturally authentic dishes in an attractively presented menu which features appetizers such as Deep-fried beancurd skin roll; Smoked Japanese Egg and Marinated Black Fungus. Other standout dishes include Super Peking Duck; Sauteed shrimp with honey peas in black truffle oil; Stewed Pork in Brown Sauce served with Steamed Buns; Lamian with Eight Treasure Spicy Sauce and Stewed Noodle in Soup with Shrimp; Fresh crab meat terrine, the chilled gelatin, agate egg roll; Braised Meat Ball as “Lion’s head”; The Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumpling; Braised Hokkaido Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw in Oyster Sauce; and Saut้ed Yellow Cream Crab with Glutinous rice and so on. Also renowned for their Dim Sum which consists of varieties of the dumplings, buns, and pastries. There is a wide selection of labels beautifully placed on the impressive wine cellar.

RMB 280 – RMB 620

Imperial Treasure serves lunch and dinner daily where diners choose between luxurious private rooms or well-spaced tables in the main dining room where experienced chefs deliver an extensive menu of Cantonese cuisine, that have consistent quality.

L402-403, Yi Feng Gallery
99 Beijing Dong Lu, Huangpu District
Shanghai, China.
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +86 21 5308 1188
Web: Imperial Treasure Shanghai

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