Chef: Tony Lu
Cuisine: Shanghainese
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00am - 10:00pm
Telephone : +86 21 5237 9778

Chef Tony Lu and owner Fu Yafen, created a restaurant with the feeling of family fine dining in a luxurious European-style villa featuring only private rooms.

Fu 1015 offers refined Shanghainese cuisine in nostalgic old villas. Chef Tony’s style pays a maximum of respect to the authentic Shanghainese cuisine with a Huaiyang and Hangzhounese twist and features very little modern western influences. The main concept of Fu 1015 is to create a feeling of family fine dining as the rich family usually did in the 1930s, which has more privacy. Thus the restaurants feature only private rooms, even for a party of two, as the venue is divided up into a number of small rooms – all of which pays nostalgic homage to Shanghai’s past.

Try Chef Lu’s renowned marinated hairy crab with yellow rice wine.

The ambiance is very different from the normal Chinese restaurant although fairly modest from the outside. The well-preserved interior and spacious garden submerge the guests right back into the grandeur of the 1930’s. Guests are served in a private dining room with a rustic dark, wooden interior and classy chandelier with their own wait staff and kitchen nearby.

Service is a bit above average, the wait staff made effort to explain some dishes in English but there are rooms for improvement.

There were two sets of dinner to choose from and contrary to most restaurants, there is no menu to choose from. Starters include dishes such as tart, Tofu sheet rolled with Kalimeris, Lotus root stuffed with sticky rice; Double Boiled Matsutake Soup with Wild Bamboo Pith; foie gras with organce jelly. Main courses include Braised Prawn served with Fried Bun; Shredded Bean Curd in Yangzhounese Style with prawn and bok choy; Steamed Rice with Soy Pork Belly and Abalone in Black Truffle Sauce; Deep-Fried Prawns with Wasabi Mayonnaise Dressing and Crispy Prawn Flakes. Traditional Chinese such as the dim sum of Wonton with Salted Vegetable and Diced Yellow Fish or sweet date sticky rice cake have a lovely aroma and savory taste. Soy Milk Ice-Cream with Shanghainese Fried Twisted Dough Sticks among others were delicious deserts. Wine selections were very limited but adequate and there is a selection of other drinks.


Great food, nice venue and just like the rest of China it’s overpriced and there too few alternatives in the medium priced category. Dining at Fu 1015 makes you enjoy some of the best food and grandeur China has to offer. It is nothing short of a gastronomic escape back in time.

1015 Yu Yuan Road
Changning District
Shanghai, China
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +86 21 5237 9778
Web: FU 2015

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