Chef: Fatih Tutak
Cuisine: Innovative Asian
Opening Hours: Lunch 12pm - 5.30pm; Dinner 6pm - 10.30pm
Seating: 50 main dining room (including bar area)
Telephone : +66 2 344 4025

A menu that matches ambition with creativity, fun, and beautiful flavors.

The 126-year-old house on Sathorn was at one point the Russian embassy: now it’s a destination for those seeking a unique culinary experience.

Manti dumpling—rich, slightly smoky from the eggplant filling and perfectly paired with a dense, Middle Eastern cream called kaymak.

The colonial mansion built in 1889 on Sathorn Road in the heart of Bangkok offers nostalgic, theatrical flair to the city’s old-and-new juxtaposing scene as it is transformed into a modern restaurant with Bordeaux leathers and parquet floors.

An open kitchen against the long wooden counter entices diners to sit and interact with the chef in a comfortable and relaxed approach.

They offer a great cocktail bar, the restaurant’s ambience, staff and service are just wonderful and create a really feel good ambiance. For a little extra wow, head upstairs and relax in the library atmosphere and enjoy a fine scotch, there are some good selections of wine by glass too. And for coffee lover, they serve also really good coffee here.

Head chef Fatih Tutak plucks his frenetic burst of culinary ideas from all around the world – a taste of Tokyo’s Michelin-star kitchens mixed with Istanbul street food. All this comes served in a 19th century dining room.

As with all such experimental kitchens, some dishes do go a bit too far.
Price is not too expensive considering. If you enjoy a good meal, this is definitely a great place to go.

The Dining Room at the House on Sathorn
106 Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +66 2 344 4025