Tropical Charters Helps Tourists Navigate the Pristine Waters of Langkawi

Tropical Charters Helps Tourists Navigate the Pristine Waters of Langkawi

Langkawi, Kedah (Malaysia) – October 5, 2017 ( – Tropical Charters came to be when businessman Dato’ Alexander Issac decided he would share his passion for sailing by starting a charter yacht company in Langkawi and offering cruises to tourists, locals and foreign alike.

Tourists seeking an experience to remember Langkawi by are now able to experience the Unesco-endorsed Geopark from the unlikeliest of places – while sitting in a net, trawled through the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea.

The company offers a relaxing Day Cruise, where guests aboard the boats are taken out to open water, where they can tan in the sun, then take a refreshing dip in the cool waters right off the edge of the boat. Freeflow of food and drinks, as well as a delicious barbecue on a private beach is part of the package.

The Sunset Cruises, however, remain a favorite among guests. Amidst a party-like atmosphere, a giant net is released into the water where guests are encouraged to sit in and relax, while they are pulled through the water from the boat in what Tropical Charters quite aptly calls the ‘Salt Water Jacuzzi’. A Sunset Cruise is of course not complete without guests gasping with amazement at the splendor of nature when they feast their eyes upon the myriad colors in the dusk sky.

Undoubtedly, Unesco’s endorsement of Langkawi as a Geopark – older than even the Himalayas – has driven tourism up several notches on the island. The island’s natural flora and fauna is a sight to behold. Naturally, Tropical Charters incorporates Langkawi’s natural offerings to guests who go for the cruises.

“Tropical Charters places an emphasis on preserving Langkawi’s natural heritage. We try our best to drive education about the importance of preserving the island natural assets through our Langkawi Geopark Educational Cruise Programme,” said Sasha Arsheela, Managing Director of the charter company.

The company was launched by the current Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2009 and from one catamaran we have grown to 7 yachts. Tropical Charters is also a registered Langkawi Yachting Entity as well as a registered Langkawi International Yacht Registry agent for the Marine Department of Malaysia. In 2016 the company won the prestigious Langkawi International Tourism Award, and was presented the award by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Tropical Charters Langkawi set up a One Stop Centre wherein all displays and selling material are digital and guests are allowed to use the one stop centre as a lounge to relax and plan their holiday activities.

In 2013, Tropical Charters expanded and started ferry services from Kuah Jetty in Langkawi to Koh Lipe in Thailand , which have since become a popular route for local and foreign travellers visiting Langkawi. They have also set up a lounge at the Kuah Jetty for travellers who wish to use their facilities whilst waiting for their ferries.

What started out as a charter company has now become a one stop Destination Management Centre with its expertise in all on ground logistics and services in Langkawi, Malaysia. With their travel agency license Tropical Charters is making Langkawi a popular Destination amongst MICE and Luxury Wedding clients.

With a staff of 60 and growing the main aim of Tropical Charters is to provide the best experience to our guests.

For media enquiries, please contact
William Lee at 0126270903 or

Bring Happiness at the Um Phra Dam Nam Festival

Bring Happiness at the Um Phra Dam Nam Festival

Phetchabun (Thailand) – September 15, 2017 ( – Phetchabun province together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) invites you to attend Um Phra Dam Nam Festival 2017 on September 19-23, 2017 at Phetchabun Buddha Garden, Wat Trai Phum, Wat Bot Chana Man, in order to promote traditions in the province. Watch a variety of performances and activities such as parades around the city, water parades, Um Phra Dam Nam and food festivals.

Um Phra Dam Nam Festival is an annual tradition of Phetchabun which falls on the Sart Thai Day or 15th day of wanning moon 10th month of each year. On the day of the ceremony, Phetchabun Governor will enshrine Phra Putta Maha Thammaracha, Phetchabun invaluable Buddha statue into water. Locals believed that a sacred ritual will bring happiness and peace to the town. Rain will fall in its season, crops will be abundant and happiness will last longer for Petchabun Province. Um Phra Dam Nam Festival 2017 has the important activities as follow.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
– The sacred offering ceremony at Wat Trai Phum 09.09
– Buddha image procession around the city 18.00
– Opening ceremony by deputy prime minister Thanasak Patimapakorn 19.00

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
– The ceremony of Um Phra Dam Nam at Wat Bot Chana Man waterside 10.39

Thursday, 21-22 September 2017
– The boat races at Wat Trai Phum waterside.

For more information, please contact Phetchabun Municipality Telephone 056 711 007, TAT Office Phitsanulok Tel. 055 252 742-3, 055 259 907

First Climate SmART Museum Award to Manchester Museum

First Climate SmART Museum Award to Manchester Museum

Manchester (United Kingdom) – October 2, 2017 ( – The Climate smART Award is the first cultural initiative of SUNx – Strong Universal Network, which exists to actively encourage the massive Travel and Tourism sector to play a leading role in response to eXistential Climate Change. It is a legacy to our friend Maurice Strong, a champion of Sustainable Development and advocate for Travelism to radically revitalize its climate resilience actions, through Impact-Travel: measured; green; 2050 proofed.

Professor Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx Co-founder said: “Climate Change is eXistential. SUNx strongly supports The Paris Accords which are under irresponsible threat. Travel and Tourism must stand up to this challenge, and public opinion can play a big part. This award will honor museums and cultural centers that make public education a priority and we are delighted to join up with Leading Culture Destinations Awards (LCD) – sharing their vision of Museums as focal points for education of travelers.”

Building partnerships is an essential part of climate resilience strategy. Our partnership with LCD is an important step. We believe that by creating a movement of organizations and individuals committed to climate education, innovation and resilience, we can catalyze change in the Travel & Tourism sector.

The judging panel of the Award is drawn from SUNx Council members with environmental, business, art, civil society and climate expertise. The process took into account the substance of the project, as well as outreach, quality, imagination and innovation. From a dozen longlisted nominees, we narrowed down to a shortlist of three leading-edge institutions, from different parts of the world, with the following result.

WINNER 2017 LCD/SUNx “Climate smART Award”
RUNNERS UP 2017 LCD/SUNx “Climate smART Award”
ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 Melbourne, Australia

Climate Control was developed as part of Manchester’s time as European City of Science. They wanted to connect people with climate change as it is a tremendous challenge, that goes far beyond the scientific, but into the social, economic, and social justice spheres.

Climate Control took place in two main areas: a specially designed exhibition in our special exhibitions space, that had as its starting point ‘we can’t change our past but we can change our future’.

The exhibition took inspiration from the Chinese Yin and Yang symbol. It had two entrances- ‘explore the past’ took the visitor into an all-black room which linked coal and fossil fuels with industrialization and impacts on Arctic wildlife and worldwide. The other entrance took visitors into an all-white room, ‘explore the future’, where people shared their ideas and concerns around climate change, and solutions for a more sustainable future.

Climate Control has gone beyond a special exhibition, to represent the Museum’s commitment in this area of work. The Museum won its Carbon Literacy Organization Award in 2016, being the first carbon literate museum in the world.

ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 Melbourne, Australia

A festival of exhibitions and events harnessing the creative power of the arts to inform, engage, and inspire action on climate change. ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 presents over thirty curated exhibitions at leading museums and galleries in Melbourne and regional Victoria including EXIT, the highly acclaimed 360° video installation commissioned by the
Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris. EXIT investigates human migrations and their leading causes, including the impacts of climate change.

Its complete 2015 update coincided with the pivotal Paris based United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). Together with keynote presentations and public forums by leading international and Australian artists, scientists and activists, ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 will help us to acknowledge the challenges we are facing, and embrace the solutions that are already here.


Each experience in Changing Earth provides insights into repercussions that may result from our responses to changes— natural or manmade. Changing Earth is constructed of sustainable materials.
The flooring is made from recycled content and post-consumer waste products. All wood is Forest Stewardship Council certified or bamboo. All metal is recyclable. Paint is low-VOC and graphics are printed on recycled material using water-based inks.

Dynamic sensory experiences demonstrate the interconnected systems of earth science. Calculate your carbon footprint, find solutions to reduce carbon emissions, explore seismographs of recent earthquakes, and construct a building to see if it can withstand an earthquake. Experiment and discover how dams and water volume effect river flow and erosion. Go “on camera” and deliver your own weather forecast.


Tom Selänniemi – Director, Finnish Nature Centre Haltia (Chair) Finland
Geoffrey Lipman – SUNx Co-Founder, President ICTP. Former ASG. UNWTO CAN
Felix Dodds – SUNx Co-Founder- Former Exec Director UN Multi-stakeholder Forum, US
Ignace Schops – Director RLKM, Goldman Award, President Europarc Fed. Belgium
Tom Goldberg, MBE – Chair AWI, former M.D. Atlas Ward UK
Richard Prosser – Chair Audley Travel and Tusker Direct UK
Maureen Lipman, CBE – Actress, Columnist, Comedian UK
Paul Wilke – Former Global PR Manager Visa, CEO Upright Position Communications US
Rose Mukogo – Economist & former Director Research Zimbabwe Tourism Authority ZIM
Madan Bezberuah – Former Secretary Indian Ministry of Tourism IN
Jeanine Pires – Former Head of Embratour, Brazil Tourism BR

The Climate smART Award is part of a journey to raise awareness, develop education systems and to foster innovation. By 2030 we aim to have a SUNx Centre in every country and to inspire a cadre of committed next generation transformation advocates. These SUNx “Champions” will help to drive the behavioral change and influence the fundamental government and industry actions needed.

Alain St. Ange, to Succeed in Life is to Act on Advice we Give to Others

Alain St. Ange, to Succeed in Life is to Act on Advice we Give to Others

Victoria, Mahe (Seychelles) – October 2, 2017 ( – Yield from the tourism industry is again on the table. “High end tourists who spend more” is once again the call. Sharing with the Tourism Board the address of that magical shopping centre where one can pick up these tourists “off the shelf” would be a start, but as the new Seychelles pushes down this path we see a subsidiary of Air France confirming its arrival with direct flights from Paris.

They are not high-end and they will be competing directly with the existing Air Seychelles non-stop direct flights to Paris. This discussion is on the table even though everyone knows that the country’s yield from tourism is not a matter the State has any control on. Applicable Room Rates by Hotels remains a private sector decision and they charge what they feel is possible and what holiday makers are comfortable with. An empty bed will never be sold after the day is gone, thus the constant drop in rates when Seychelles is not enjoying a very high occupancy level in its hotels. Now we are hearing that some in Seychelles are calling for higher-end tourists who will spend more and also that Seychelles needs fewer tourists. I am unsure who will be sitting in the economy section of all the planes flying to the islands if and when Seychelles pitches itself as a high-end destination ONLY. Talk this week has echoed dismay by worried small Seychellois hoteliers who see the discussions as pushing for the demise of all the small ‘home grown establishments’. Taxis are also set to be hit by this new call for high end tourists only and a drop in visitor arrival numbers. Taxis will be compelled to fight for Seychellois transfers only because the high end tourists use private limo-transfers or helicopters. Seychellois need to watch out because they can be, and probably will be bystanders in their tourism industry.

One positive sign is that British Tour Operators are reacting positively with the announcement of British Airways. Many are flying to Seychelles to re-look at hotels they are programming and getting ready for BA’s return. They are enthusiastic but have also spoken about the current state of insecurity. The case of Margaret Devlin on Praslin is today being spoken about. This UK couple have personally written to the Saint Ange Tourism Report and we are addressing the incident in this issue.

Stop Illegal, Unregulated & Unreported Fishing

The 2017 report from Stop Illegal Fishing takes a look at the work of the FISH-i Africa Task Force and focuses attention on the actions and cooperation that are still needed to tackle Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing in the Western Indian Ocean.

At the second earth summit with much prompting and insistence of Small Island Developing States (SIDS), global goal 14 for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is dedicated to “life below water” or below our common oceans. SDG 14 contains 7 targets covering issues of great concern such as tourism, nutrition, overfishing, pollution, scientific research, coastal zone and reef management, both being critical to islanders livelihood and being a first line of defense against tidal surges.

IUU is one of the practices that contravenes the very ethos and spirit of sustainable management of our oceans. ‘One in four fish in Africa is caught illegally, this threatens the sustainability of fish stocks, damages the ecosystem and deprives governments of income and people of livelihoods’. Seychelles has been hailed as one of the cleanest inhabitable oceans on the planet. Its small population is one of the highest per capita consumers of fish on the planet. Those two elements combined explain a lot about the diet culture that is now part of our DNA and the tourist attraction to the destination that is the number one pillar of the archipelagic economy. Illegal Unregulated and Unreported fisheries is identified as an illicit activity that must be effectively discouraged if not totally annihilated as an unsustainable criminal activity in our ‘Blue Economy’.

The FISH-i Africa Task Force was established in 2012 in the Republic of Seychelles at the Coral Strand Hotel. It was established to do exactly that the aforementioned. Fish-I was officially launched by the former Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr. Peter Sinon with fisheries officials of five founding members: Comoros, Kenya, Mozambique, Seychelles and Tanzania. This was considered a pioneer endeavour operating outside of traditional political structures. Since then, FISH-i has facilitated information sharing and regional cooperation that has led to significant enforcement actions and increased compliance in the region. Since 2012, FISH-i Africa has expanded with the addition of Madagascar, Mauritius and Somalia and now has eight members.

Stop Illegal Fishing Chairperson Elsa da Gloria Patria welcomed the publication of the 2017 Report. She stated that, “FISH-i Africa and the VIGILANCE programme offer a great opportunity to clean up the illegal activity that is taking place in the fisheries sector. Our countries and our people rely on the ocean for their livelihoods and their development we need to make sure that our resources are protected and our blue economies get a chance to thrive.”

‘FISH-i Africa: Our future’ sets out a real agenda for change; looking at the roles and responsibilities that port, flag, coastal and market States can play. Nicholas Ntheketha, Chair of FISH-i states, “FISH-i has been a big success and has achieved real cooperation with tangible results, but as we look forward we see the need to develop this cooperation further, we need to incorporate greater contact and communication with key port and flag States and we need to make sure that we have strong cooperation with all the relevant authorities at the national level.”

Sandy Davies of ‘Stop Illegal Fishing,’commented: “The scale and extent of illegal activity in the Western Indian Ocean has come as a real surprise to all of those involved in FISH-i Africa. We started out with the traditional expectation that most operators set out to comply with rules, or opportunistically took advantage of gaps and loopholes. But what the FISH-i investigations and analysis have shown is that in fact there are a significant number of operators who set out, deliberately and systematically to act illegally. They do this through falsifying information, forging documents, hiding company information behind secretive shelf companies and flags of non-compliance. Even when caught red handed, it is difficult for coastal States to exercise effective sanctions and penalties as vessels routinely abscond from authorities, change name and change flag. This is a significant undertaking involving around 500 vessels and a lot of work, but we believe this is the most effective means we have to end illegal fishing in this region.” Davies added, “We’ve had a strong response already to VIGILANCE and will be looking to work with a range of organizations and funding partners.”

FISH-i Africa plans to counter these systematic illegalities with a systematic programme of ‘VIGILANCE’ which will verify and cross-check the documentation and characteristics of all the vessels licensed to or flagged by the FISH-i members.

Aldabra, Once upon an Island – See The Wonderland Before It’s Lost!

The premier of this film was at the 2016 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria in Seychelles. With films like the Lion King and the Beauty & the Beast under their belt the film producers today say:- Join us on an adventurous 3D expedition to the shores of a mysterious island lost in the waters of the Indian Ocean. To an atoll, which has stubbornly rejected human life yet is home to a community of exotic animal characters and their entertaining tales. Cross your fingers as turtle hatchlings tumble into lethal shallows teeming with hungry sharks. Gaze in wonder at the world’s largest terrestrial crabs clambering up palm trees in search of juicy coconuts. Hold your breath in awe as a giant grouper fearlessly guards an ancient shipwreck against all comers. Discover how the giant prehistoric tortoises live together with their babies. Explore an island, which has risen from the sea only to be engulfed once again by ocean currents and rising seas. Meet our heroes, Elvi, Tory, robber Buster, Snooper, fighter Luis and many others in the story full of excitement, emotions and unexpected twists. Discover Aldabra before it’s lost!

A Family Feature Documentary from the Czech Republic 2017 of 73 minutes. Sales by Vision Films with Robert Schneider as the producer and principle investor in the Aldabra project.

UK producers describe Seychelles as the perfect ‘castaway’ paradise for brand new comedy series coming to E4

The wonderful backdrop and sceneries of Seychelles have convinced producers of an upcoming UK television series that the popular holiday destination is also a perfect filming location. Kerry Waddel, the producer of High and Dry — a new comedy series filmed entirely on location in the Seychelles — said they are looking forward to returning to the island nation to film a second series of the sitcom.

Starring popular British comedian Marc Wootton, the series being produced by a UK-based company, Baby Cow Productions, unfolds with passengers surviving a plane crash on a deserted island. Shooting of scenes for the six half-hour episodes were done at some of the well-known beaches on the Seychelles main island, Mahé, namely Anse du Riz, and Anse-Major, which is where the key scenes were filmed. The filming was done from July 9 to August 4, 2017.

Ms Waddel said: “We were looking for a location ‘castaway’ paradise and we found it in the Seychelles. Our requirements were unspoilt white sandy beaches, clear blue sea and jungle and we discovered them all to perfection. Our island had easy access to the airport and small enough to move around easily with fabulous accommodation at a reasonable rate.”

The Seychelles Tourism Board that pitched the idea to the UK production company to choose Seychelles for once, provided full support for the filming on location along with other local authorities.

Ms Waddel said: “STB helped us with the permissions to film, location finding and keeping location costs to a minimum. The people were kind, friendly, trustworthy and helpful. All contributed to a successful shoot.”

While the outcome is positive, the filming did have its share of challenges, but the Baby Cow production team and their actors were able to rise to the occasion and enjoy the perks of filming on a beach destination surrounded by beautiful wildlife.

“The main challenge was the location we chose as it was so remote. There was no access by road so we had to land everything and everyone by boat. This was hindered slightly by some tricky sea swells to negotiate but the crew rose to the occasion and jumped in the water to move the equipment around,” said Ms Weddel.

“We also chose a cave location one day that was a good one hour trek to walk to. The crew were thrilled at seeing tortoise, fruit bats and unusual wildlife and to experience the tropical life on a daily basis,” she added.

High and Dry will air on E4 — a digital entertainment channel owned by Channel 4 in the UK, and while the exact date is yet to be announced, it is expected that the airing will happen early 2018.

Although it won’t be directly mentioning Seychelles, the fact that the beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters and lush tropical vegetation will be featured this will help to push Seychelles into the UK limelight, which is a market that has been seeing remarkable increase in visitor arrivals to Seychelles over the last two years.

The Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Sherin Francis said: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Baby Cow Productions team. We are so happy that Seychelles was the chosen location and we hope that this opens up the destination to other similar productions.”

STB also sought the services of a PR company to feature a “Behind the Scenes” documentary about the filming to help create a forum for viewers to engage and discuss the series and also the location when the series starts airing. A page on IMDb, a popular source for movie, TV and celebrity content, is also expected to be set up for the High and Dry series.

Baby Cow productions is an award-winning production house in the UK, established in 1999. Aside of High and Dry, the company has produced some much-loved comedy series including Hunderby, Hebburn, The Trip, Gavin & Stacey to name but a few.

Etihad appoints Tony Douglas as the new Group CEO to take over in January – Air Seychelles is part of the Etihad Group

Etihad has appointed a new chief executive, formerly in a government defence role, to take over the reins previously held by James Hogan. The airline group issued a statement saying the Chairman of Etihad Aviation Group, His Excellency Mohamed Mubarak Fadhel Al Mazrouei “confirmed the appointment of Tony Douglas as Group Chief Executive Officer, who will join the company in January 2018”.

Douglas joins Etihad from Britain’s Ministry of Defence, where he served as chief executive of the Defence Equipment and Support department, responsible for procuring and supporting all the equipment and services for the British Armed Forces.

In the UK, he held senior positions with airport operator BAA, and as Chief Operating Officer and Group Chief Executive designate of Laing O’Rourke. His roles under airport operator BAA included Managing Director of the Heathrow Terminal 5 project, Group Supply Chain Director, Group Technical Director, and CEO of Heathrow Airport.

Previously Tony Douglas held senior positions in the UAE, most notably as chief executive of Abu Dhabi Airports Company and as chief executive of Abu Dhabi Ports Company where he was responsible for the successful delivery of Khalifa Port.

H.E. Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the Board of Etihad Aviation Group, commented: “We are delighted to have Tony return to Abu Dhabi to lead Etihad. He has guided the transformation of large organisations in the UAE and the UK, and he understands the UAE and the region. He is also deeply knowledgeable about commercial aviation and keenly familiar with Etihad’s challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing industry.”

The statement said that as group chief executive , Douglas would work with the board and leadership team “to expand and implement a range of strategic initiatives to position Etihad for sustained success in an increasingly competitive regional and global aviation market”.

Douglas commented: “Etihad is a force in global aviation that must continue to adapt and evolve on its own and with industry partners. It is an economic and employment engine for the UAE and the region. With new infrastructure and attractions like the expanded airport, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi Global Market, Etihad has a central role in supporting the UAE’s position as a global hub of transportation, tourism, commerce, and culture.”

Tony Douglas will be supported by a team which includes Ray Gammell, as Group Chief People & Performance Officer; Ricky Thirion, Interim Group Chief Financial Officer; Kevin Knight, Group Chief Strategy & Planning Officer; Mana Mohamed Saeed Al Mulla, Chief Group Support Services Officer; Henning zur Hausen, General Counsel; and Amina Taher, Vice President Corporate Affairs.

The divisional chief executives will report directly to Tony Douglas, including Peter Baumgartner, chief executive of Etihad Airways; Chris Youlten, Managing Director of Etihad Airport Services; Abdul Khaliq Saeed, chief executive of Etihad Airways Engineering; Gavin Halliday, Managing Director of Hala Group; and Robin Kamark who joins as CEO, Airline Equity Partners in October 2017. Air Seychelles is part of the Etihad Group of Companies.

Coffee-In-A-Cone is in Seychelles

Seychelles was invited to share the exciting launch of Coffee-In-A-Cone “The worlds most instagrammable Coffee” at the Chatter Box Cafe at Eden Island. Coffee-In-A-Cone took the social media world by storm and now Chatter Box of Seychelles has partnered with Coffee-In-A-Cone to bring this product to the Seychelles, the first and only country in the Indian Ocean to offer this product. Coffee-In-A-Cone has been featured in major news platforms such as CNN, Daily Mail UK, all major radio, TV and print mediums in South Africa, Australia and numerous social media platforms around the globe.

Marsha & Kirschlee were on hand on Thursday the 28th September to be with their guests as they experienced the latest coffee craze.

Thailand Convention Bureau Unveils 2018 Marketing Campaign

Thailand Convention Bureau Unveils 2018 Marketing Campaign

Bangkok (Thailand) – September 28, 2017 ( – Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB unveiled the marketing communication campaign for the year 2018 entitled “THAILAND CONNECT Your Vibrant Journey to Business Success, decoded with chapters of possibilities”. Built on a legacy of the existing branded campaign, the core concept of the 2018 campaign is aimed at further enhancing a position of Thailand as leading Bleisure destination in the region. The bureau expects that, by the end of next year, the country will welcome 1,192,000 international MICE visitors which generate revenue of 112 billion baht.

Mrs. Supawan Teerarat, Vice President of TCEB’s Strategic and Business Development, said “TCEB develops the operational strategy to be in parallel with the country’s economic development scheme. The objective is to promote the MICE industry into a key mechanism for propelling the national economy, guided by the government’s vision of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability. A vital part of the strategy is the marketing communication which TCEB implements to enhance the uniqueness of the Thai MICE industry. Through the recent marketing communication campaign, “THAILAND CONNECT Your Vibrant Journey to Business Success”, TCEB has been introducing key fundamental pillars of MICE industry which include a diversity of destination, business opportunities, and people of Thailand. These strengths are well positioning Thailand as a leading destination for Bleisure activities in the region.

Moving to the next level of success, the concept of TCEB’s 2018 marketing campaign is strengthened and developed to be in line with Thailand 4.0 policy. Under the title “THAILAND CONNECT Your Vibrant Journey to Business Success, decoded with chapters of possibilities”, the three pillars of the country’s MICE industry remain the key focus. Strengthening into “Fascinating Destination – Business Empowerment – Professional Passion”, TCEB will continue to promote theses brand pillars via the vigorous promotional activities throughout next year.”

The emphasis of three fundamental pillars in TCEB’s 2018 campaign:
1. Fascinating Destination: Explore vibrant destinations brimming with captivating Inspirations. The key elements of the value proposition include:
– Perfect stops for Bleisure Trips: Concentration on quality business and leisure activity has helped Thailand’s competitiveness rise in global rankings. The country is ranked the 24th place of the Most Popular MICE Destination in the recent ranking, conducted by International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). Leading MICE cities namely Bangkok, Pattaya and Chang Mai also perform well in the ICCA’s ranking. In addition, the recent report from the World Bangkok showed that Thailand is ranked the 46th place on the Ease of Doing Business. For tourism, Phuket is ranked the 25th place in the Travellers’ Top-Rated Places – the world, by TripAdvisor.
– Extensive accessibility and Travel Routes: The expansion of basic infrastructure and MICE facilities offers endless opportunities for the business. Major development projects underway include international airports capacity expansion, U-Tapao International Airport upgrade, Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port expansion, and High-Speed Train development.
– Colouring your business journey: By offering the ‘real experience’ through fun-filled activities that combined with a uniqueness of Thai culture, Thailand can transform an ordinary business event into a unique and impressive experience. Examples of highlighted experiences are such as CSR experience – reforestation without planting, or culinary experience – Thai cooking class which showcases the cultural wisdom.

2. Business Empowerment: Resourceful Thailand offers essential collaborations for international opportunities. The key features include:
– Progressive platform for business ventures: The country offers growth opportunities for new business ventures that align with Thailand 4.0 economic policy and the future industries which support the future competitiveness (New S-Curve), as well as the Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project which is the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of ASEAN.
– Innovative borderless connectivity: Utilizing innovation to enhance the effectiveness of communications and business networking activities. The SMART MICE events are encouraged through online marketing promotion campaigns and the development of a digital platform that help to facilitate the event organizers.
– The Heart of energetic collaboration: International and domestic collaborations for business events will highlight Thailand’s leading role as MICE destination in Asia. Examples of international and domestic collaborations include TCEB & PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) and TCEB & Team Thailand.

3. Professional Passion: Meet passionate professionals with a touch of Thai vibrancy. Key features include:
– Positive energy of warm and engaging Thais: Outstanding collaborative efforts between public and private sectors make it so much easier for international travellers to attend business events in Thailand. TCEB’s cooperation projects that showcase a warm welcoming to MICE visitors are the MICE Lane and the Thai Welcome Package.
– Highly-skilled and effective talents: The competence of professionals in the Thai MICE industry is guaranteed by international institutions of human resource development, such as Certificated Exhibitions Management (CEM), and Certified Meeting Professional (CMP).

At a MICE travel show, TCEB exhibits Thailand’s readiness and the country’s vast potential through the Thailand Pavilion. Located at the Booth No. B1, the largest pavilion at the show is a platform for 63 leading suppliers from the Thai MICE industry to jointly present premium products and services to international buyers. TCEB also hosted an opening ceremony and welcome reception, held under the theme “Still on my mind” reflecting the impression of Thailand that inspire visitors to revisit the country.

In addition, the bureau supported the pre and post tour activities providing opportunities for international delegates to discover the potential of Thailand as a destination for MICE. The pre-tour was conducted at the Sampran Riverside offering the ‘real experience’ through activities which combine the Thai agricultural science and incentive activities. Meanwhile, the post-tour is held in two routes, Chiang Mai and Trang, showcasing the MICE facilities which are capable for the corporate events.

“The marketing campaign is aimed at raising the industry profile and visits. TCEB expects that by the end of the year 2018, there will be 1,192,000 international MICE visitors, generating 112 billion baht of revenue to the country. International events which will be held in Thailand in the coming years include: the 2018 MDRT Experience and Global Conference during 1-8 February; Bangkok Entertainment Fest during March-June; Sport Accord Convention 2018 during 15-20 April; ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2018 during 6-9 June; ProPak Asia 2018 during 13-16 June; the 45th International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM 2019) during 7-14 July; the 31st Congress of Asia-Pacific Association of Cataract & Refractive Surgeon (APACRS 2018) during 19-21 July; Beyond Beauty Asean Bangkok 2018 during 20-22 September; and Metalex 2018 during 21-24 November” Mrs. Supawan concluded.

About TCEB
Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) – the government leading edge agency – has been the key to success for a wide range of global & regional business events since 2004. With our key strategic model, Growth Driver; TCEB works as your strategic business partner, delivers creative ideas, and provides solutions from our capable resources for every scale and various customised business events.

TCEB has formed numerous collaborations and networks linked to open up grand new chapters of business opportunities, and to strategically enhance every business success with special care that will spur lasting advancement and achievements. Our goal is to equipping business events industry at national, regional, and global stage for continuous development, long-term growth and sustainable success.

For further information, please contact:
Corporate Communications Division
Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau
Ms. Arisara Thanuplang
Tel: +66 2 694 6095
Mr. Karun Wararatchai
Tel: +66 2 694 6179
Ms. Paniyada Mulalin
Tel: + 66 2 694 6091
A publicist Tel: 0 2101 6860
Ms.Arpaporn (A) 089 788 4868
Ms.Thittaya (Jang) 094 323 5641
Mr.Sorasak (Earth) 089 406 5544

River City Bangkok Invitation to Opening of “Intersection”

River City Bangkok Invitation to Opening of “Intersection”

Bangkok (Thailand) – September 29, 2017 (travelindex) – Making the invisible visible is a constant desire of human race and appetite of creations and innovations. The invention of X-ray imaging enabled us to see inside our bodies. The invention of thermal infrared imaging enabled us to depict heat.

By capturing and analysing the vision of images which are produced by our brain in the pitch dark room, “What does it look like?”, the project “Intersection” was initiated by recent CommDe*** alumni, artist Pun Pitanpitayarat’s experiment of solitary confinement in which isolate ourselves in a pitch black, soundproofed room. Pitanpitayarat had spent twenty four hours inside the cell to experience and indulge in the silence and darkness, stepping into another state of the mind where the boundary between reality and dream are overlapped.

An Interactive Art Installation by Pun Pitanpitayarat
Curated by Eiji Sumi
Exhibition Date: Oct 3, 2017 – Jan. 7, 2018
Vernissage: Tuesday, 3 October, 4 -9 pm
Artist and Curator talk: 4:30-5:30 pm
Opening reception: 6-9 pm

“Intersection” is a simulation of artist’s contemplation and introspection in the beauty of hallucinated vision which he had encountered in this solitary confinement and his attempt to visualise the phenomenon called “Closed eye visualisation” which brain produce in this dark environment, exploring method using interactive media, programmed laser light and sound through the space.

Curated by Eiji Sumi (Artist and Lecturer from CommDe), Pitanpitayarat’s work “Intersection” will bring audiences in Bangkok immersive experiences and submerged sensations. River City Bangkok is proud to join hands with CommDe, Chulalongkorn University, to encourage people to engage in creative invention of the future.

***CommDe (International Communication Design Programme, Industrial Design Department, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University)

Pun Pitanpitayarat Biography
Born in 1995 in Bangkok, Thailand, Pun Pitanpitayarat is a new media artist and designer who recently graduated from CommDe, International Communication Design Program at Chulalongkorn University. Currently, he works as a multimedia designer at Eyedropper Fill Co., LTD, and has extensive experiences in creating various installations for music video, event, concert, display design and more.

His work, which focuses on combination of technology and materials, not only explores screen based media, but also expands various forms of installation which stimulate the senses, supported by highly sophisticated visual design and computer languages. The movement of light, motion, generative visuals and sound creates immersive experiences through interactive art.

Pitanpitayarat has held several exhibitions in Bangkok. He also won Bronze Award at Bangkok Illumination 2015. His exhibition includes CommDe creative walk 2017 / Commde, Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, 111 forms of the next 11 years 2017 / Commde Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, ProductMe 2015 / Speedy Grandchild Bangkok, and Obsessive space 2014 / CEO books.

Eiji Sumi Biography
Born in Tokyo in 1970, Eiji Sumi was a graduate of Rikkyo University in Tokyo. Sumi moved to New York in 1994 where he pursued his career in art and design. Sumi’s mix media approach explore research in materials, contextualizing digital media, lighting into various form and ideas. Using combined method in various experience art installation, variety of experiments in environment probing the relationship between art and science, he is also keen on urban landscapes that create both analogue and digital art works with urban environment and issues.

Sumi worked in New York as an artist and was commissioned by various clients in the design industry. During his time in New York, Sumi gained attention with his projects ranging from mixed-media and light installations to painting and drawing. He has held numerous international exhibitions including the Art Festivals and has been curated by Eric Shiner, Helen Homan Wu, Brian Curtin, Gridthiya Gaweewong, Keiichi Miyagawa, Lyno Vuth, Ni-kun, among others. Sumi was also shortlisted for the Sovereign Asian Art Award 2016 in Hong Kong.

Sumi moved to Bangkok in 2012. Currently, he is a lecturer at Chulalongkorn University’s International Communication Design Program (CommDe), part of the university’s Faculty of Architecture. So far, he has been producing numerous exhibitions within Asian region and elsewhere.

An Interactive Art Installation by Pun Pitanpitayarat
Curated by Eiji Sumi
Exhibition Date: Oct 3, 2017 – Jan. 7, 2018
Vernissage: Tuesday, 3 October, 4 -9 pm
Artist and Curator talk: 4:30-5:30 pm
Opening reception: 6-9 pm

Best Western Best Mid-Range Hotel Brand for 11 year in a Row

Best Western Best Mid-Range Hotel Brand for 11 year in a Row

Bangkok (Thailand) – September 29, 2017 (travelindex) -Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ winning streak continued at the 28th Annual Travel Awards, when the brand was named as Asia’s “Best Mid-Range Hotel Brand” for an incredible 11th year in a row!

The global hotel group picked up this prestigious honor in a glittering award ceremony and gala dinner that took place in Bangkok on September 28th, 2017. The winners were voted for by the readers of Travel Trade Asia.

Best Western has now held the title of Asia’s “Best Mid-Range Hotel Brand” every year since 2007, reflecting the quality of the company’s hotels, the strength of its brands, and how well respected they are among the Asian travel trade.

“We are delighted to have been named as Asia’s Best Mid-Range Hotel Brand for an amazing 11th consecutive year,” said Olivier Berrivin, Best Western’s Managing Director of International Operations – Asia. “At Best Western, we have always had the utmost respect and appreciation for our travel trade partners. They are our best ambassadors; showcasing our properties to their clients and driving significant volumes of business to our hotels.”

“So to receive yet another award, as voted for by professional readers, is a tremendous honor. We look forward to working with our many esteemed travel trade partners in future to ensure the best possible stays for their clients.”

“This award is also a wonderful reflection of the talent and professionalism of our entire Asia-based team. To maintain such consistently high standards is an outstanding achievement, and I would like to thank all of our team members for their hard work and dedication,” Olivier added.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts has expanded rapidly in recent years, creating multiple new brand concepts that are perfectly suited to the needs of Asia’s new generation of travelers. These include Vīb® and GLō, two tech-savvy midscale offerings, and SureStay Hotel Group®, which provides fuss-free accommodations in key destinations. Asia’s first SureStay hotel will open in Bangkok before the end of 2017, with Vīb® expected to make its regional debut in 2018.

With these new concepts, alongside the company’s well-loved and established midscale hotel concepts, Best Western is aiming to retain its status as Asia’s most popular mid-range brand for many years to come.

About Best Western Hotels & Resorts:
Best Western Hotels & Resorts headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a privately held hotel brand with a global network of 4,100* hotels in more than 100* countries and territories worldwide. Best Western offers 10 hotel brands to suit the needs of developers and guests in every market: Best Western®, Best Western Plus®, Best Western Premier®, Vīb®, GLō®, Executive Residency by Best Western®, and BW Premier Collection®; as well as its recently launched franchise offerings: SureStay®, SureStay Plus® and SureStay Signature Collection®. Now celebrating more than 70 years of hospitality, Best Western provides its hoteliers with global operational, sales and marketing support, and award-winning online and mobile booking capabilities. Best Western continues to set industry records regarding awards and accolades, including 64 percent of the brand’s North American hotels earning a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award in 2017, Business Travel News® ranking Best Western Plus and Best Western in the top three upper-mid-price and mid-price hotel brands for three years in a row, and Best Western receiving seven consecutive Dynatrace® Best of the Web awards for its leading hotel website. Best Western has also won eight consecutive AAA®/CAA® Lodging Partner of the Year awards, recognizing the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional service and great value to AAA’s 56 million members in the U.S. and Canada. Over 30 million travelers are members of the brand’s award-winning loyalty program Best Western Rewards®, one of the few programs in which members earn points that never expire and can be redeemed at any Best Western hotel worldwide. Best Western’s partnerships with AAA/CAA and Harley-Davidson® provide travelers with exciting ways to interact with the brand. Through its partnership with Google® Street View, Best Western is the first major company of its size and scale to launch a virtual reality experience for customers, setting a new industry standard and reinventing how guests view hotels.

– Numbers are approximate, may fluctuate, and include hotels currently in the development pipeline.

Marketing Communications Department
Best Western Hotels and Resorts – Asia
Tel: +66 2 656 1260
Sirimanas Maungrod
Orapan Sornnuwat

World Tourism Day Celebrates the Power of Sustainable Tourism

World Tourism Day Celebrates the Power of Sustainable Tourism

Doha (Qatar) – September 28, 2017 ( – Celebrated worldwide since 1980, World Tourism Day is commemorated on 27 September. This year, the Official Celebrations are held in Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

To advocate the potential of sustainable tourism as a tool for development. This is one of the goals of the World Tourism Day celebrations that are being conducted throughout the world. The Official Celebrations taking place in Qatar, the second celebrated in the country that hosted the event in 2005, convene tourism ministers, industry entrepreneurs and researchers, among other key actors in the sector. The event was opened by the Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism of Qatar, H.E. Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, who emphasized the performance of Tourism and the links of the sector with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as well as its potential in economic diversification.

As stated by UNWTO Secretary General, Taleb Rifai, “as we celebrate World Tourism Day 2017 the question is how we can enable the powerful global transformative force of tourism to contribute to make this world a better place and to advance sustainable development in all its five pillars: Economic, Social, Environmental, Cultural and Peace”.

“Tourism has been recognised by our country’s leadership as a tool for sustainable development, and has been designated one of the priority sectors in the nation’s pursuit of economic diversification. We are particularly honoured to have been joined by high-level members of the international tourism community in Doha for the official celebration of World Tourism Day, which witnessed the launch of the Next Chapter of Qatar’s Tourism Sector Strategy. As we continue on this journey, we look forward to sharing our destination with more visitors, investors and tourism professionals,” said Hassan Al Ibrahim, Chief Tourism Development Officer at the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA).

The official celebrations of World Tourism Day 2017, the second celebrated in Qatar that hosted the event in 2005, convene tourism ministers, industry entrepreneurs and researchers, among other key actors in the sector.

“For an industry that produces 10% of global GDP and 1 in 10 jobs globally, it is crucial we protect the growth to be sustainable. This International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development should create a legacy based on three key aspects: better management to protect from impacts of T&T, continue working closely together as partners, not just UNWTO and WTTC, but private and public sectors across destinations and countries and to tell the stories, share the inspiration, keep talking about it,” mentioned Helen Marrano, Helen Marano, Senior Vice President at the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), at the Opening of the event.

The Celebrations include a Keynote Speech on ‘Aviation’s Role in Building Sustainable Tourism’ given by Akbar Al Baker, Global CEO of Qatar Airways and a High Level Think Tank on ‘Tourism as a means for creating opportunities, enhancing cultural preservation and mutual understanding’ moderated by Max Forster from CNN International. The session addresses the capacity of tourism to create jobs and bring new opportunities to communities as well as the contribution of the sector to wealth creation, investment and exports.

“Tourism has been recognised by our country’s leadership as a tool for sustainable development, and has been designated one of the priority sectors in the nation’s pursuit of economic diversification,” said Hassan Al Ibrahim, Chief Tourism Development Officer of QTA.

The following personalities participate in this debate: Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism of Jamaica, Eugene Lenn Nagbe, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of Liberia, Selma Elloumi Rekik, Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts of Tunisia, Avedis Guidanian, Minister of Tourism of Lebanon, Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, Frano Matušić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism of Croatia, Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways and Anna Paolini, Director of the UNESCO Office in Doha.

As the role of communications within the tourism sector is of high relevance, a key note speech is offered by Tom Hall, Editorial Director of Lonely Planet on the value of Communicating tourism for Development. This leads to a Special Session on “Tourism and the Planet: committed to a greener future”.

The panel discussion includes Abdulla Hassan Al-Mehshadi, Chief Executive Officer of Msheireb Properties, Fernando Olivera, Minister of the State of Guanajuato in Mexico, Sofia Panayiotaki, Managing Director of PRMediaCo, Maxime Verstraete, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and ADA Compliance at Hilton, Patricio Azcárate Díaz de Losada, Director at the Responsible Tourism Institute and David Ermen, Senior Manager of the Lodging and Tourism Clients Group at PwC.

UNWTO Media Officer
Rut Gomez Sobrino
Tel: (+34) 91 567 81 60
UNWTO Communications & Publications Programme
Tel: (+34) 91 567 8100
Fax: +34 91 567 8218

Pres. Michel of Seychelles Invited to the South China Sea Conference

Pres. Michel of Seychelles Invited to the South China Sea Conference

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – September 27, 2017 ( – Former President James Alix Michel has been invited to address the 6th South China Sea Conference under the theme Forging a shared future in the South China Sea which will be held in conjunction with the Malaysia International Marine Expo (MIMEX) 2017 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur. The conference will deliberate on several complex and multi-layered issues in the South China Sea in an effort to seek to resolve them in a comprehensive, peaceful and enduring manner.

For centuries, the South China Sea has been a strategically significant waterway not only for this region but globally. Its strategic position has given rise to much geopolitical manoeuvrings and led to various territorial and maritime disputes.

The conference will discuss five important topics concerning the area, which is still seeing a number of territorial and maritime disputes. The issues to be focused on would be geopolitical changes and the involvement of major powers in the region, ASEAN regionalism, and the regional security order, Managing the maritime real estate: towards sustainable development in the South China Sea and promoting regional prosperity through appropriate development.

President Michel will deliver a special address during which he is expected to share with the conference the experiences of Seychelles in the management of its maritime assets with special emphasis on the sustainability of the oceans.The sustainability of our oceans will ensure the sustainability of our countries, which, in turn will ensure the sustainability of our planet. We have no other alternative said the former President. President Michel added that he was glad that Seychelles was leading the discourse on sustainability and the Blue Economy and that he was proud and privileged to be part of that process.

President Michel will be accompanied at the Conference by the Chief Executive Officer of the James Michel Foundation, Mr. Jacquelin Dugasse.

The theme of the conference, ‘Forging a Shared Future in the South China Sea’, has attracted experts on the subject from the United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, ASEAN countries and Seychelles.

Relaunch of Successful Buyers Program at ITB China 2018

Relaunch of Successful Buyers Program at ITB China 2018

Shanghai (China) – September 27, 2017 ( – Interest in the second ITB China, taking place from 16-18 May 2018 in Shanghai, is again very high. ITB China focusses exclusively on professional Chinese travel buyers. Leading Chinese travel industry companies including Caissa, Fliggy, Tuniu, Utour Travel and many others have already confirmed they will be sending their buyers to the second edition of ITB China in May 2018. Exhibitors are also pressing ahead with preparations. Early committed exhibitors who register before the deadline of 30 October will still benefit from an early bird discount of five per cent on their stand rental fees.

David Axiotis, General Manager ITB China: “ITB China not only brings top Chinese travel buyers together with world-class tourism suppliers, but also with innovative technological applications. In 2018 we are increasing our buyers program by inviting some 850 buyers whereas our focus is making sure that the quality and quantity of buyers meets demanding exhibitor needs. All potential buyers will undergo an assessment process and will be evaluated based on their experience and quality to ensure that the quality of attendees remains at the highest possible level.”

Ms. Yan Lin, the Senior Vice President of Utour Travel, one of the top leading companies in China’s tourism industry, said: “We attended the first ITB China this May and really gained enormous benefits! The quality of exhibitors and buyers was as good as its mother show ITB Berlin in Germany. Everyone onsite dealt very professionally with their appointments. Next year we will enhance our support of the ITB China Buyers Program, and will not only send our own top decision makers, but also invite numerous outbound business partners to visit the show as well. I am confident that ITB China will be even more successful next year!”

China’s leading online outbound travel platform – Fliggy, the travel brand of Alibaba Group, will unite its outbound travel agency merchants all over the country as a buyer group to visit ITB China 2018. Mr. Lowden Xiao, vice president of Fliggy, highlights: “We sincerely do welcome that ITB China has finally arrived in China. Building on the reputation and energy of ITB, ITB China is building a high quality platform between Chinese travel practitioners and global tourism resources, which has benefited every participant.

As the leader of China’s outbound travel platform, Fliggy is keenly looking forward to cooperating with ITB China, to satisfy the steadily increasing global travel requirements of the Chinese people in a spirit of professional innovation.”

Some 850 buyers will be invited to attend ITB China next year. This includes 600 top performers from last year and hundreds of new ones, whereas over 250 will represent China’s largest travel agencies. Hosted buyers represent the Chinese Leisure, MICE and Corporate travel markets: 97 per cent of the hosted buyers come from Mainland China and three per cent are from Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. ITB China has been designed as a pure B2Bplatform professionally matchmaking exhibitors from all over the world with Chinese buyers. More than 17,500 prescheduled appointments will maximise the business opportunities of both the exhibitors and the buyers.

At the inaugural ITB China 2017 some 600 exhibiting companies from nearly 70 countries and regions met with a total of over 10,000 attendees and buyers in the 12,000 sqm area of exhibition space, which had been booked up months in advance.

ITB China 2018 will take place from 16 to 18 May at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Conference Center. The event, an international offshoot of one of Messe Berlin’s most successful trade fairs, will take place annually and focus on the Chinese travel industry. Its co-organiser is TravelDaily China, a leading online news portal and organiser of travel industry conferences in Asia’s largest country.

About ITB Berlin and ITB Asia
First launched 51 years ago, ITB Berlin is recognised as the most successful trade show for the global travel industry. Some 10,000 exhibitors from more than 180 countries regularly attend this event. Every year in October for the last nine years Messe Berlin has successfully organised ITB Asia in Singapore. Boasting 760 exhibitors from 73 countries, ITB Asia in Singapore has established itself as one of the leading travel trade shows in Asia. As the second show in Asia, ITB China will take place in Shanghai, one of the leading industrial cities in the People’s Republic of China, and with a population of around 23 million one of world’s largest cities. In contrast to ITB Asia, which reflects tourism in Asia as a whole, ITB China focuses entirely on the Chinese travel market.

About ITB China and the ITB China Conference
ITB China 2018 will take place from Wednesday to Friday, 16 to 18 May, at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre in hall 1. ITB China is a three-day business to business travel trade fair that focuses exclusively on the Chinese travel industry. The ITB China Conference will take place parallel with the show and is co-organised by the leading conference organiser TravelDaily.