Chef: Chef Riku Toda
Cuisine: Japanese Omakase
Opening Hours: Daily 5pm - 10pm
Telephone : +66 65 738 9999

Ichizu(一途), meaning as “the way of” or “born and destined for this particular path”, is the term which perfectly describes our “way of sushi” for us at Sushi Ichizu.

Sushi Ichizu is operated based on the philisophical and modern idea that the culture of ‘sushi’ should not be restricted to only Japanese, but rather treated as a world heritage. A good sushi-ya no longer needs to be in Tokyo or Ginza anymore.

The dining room is minimalist with its U-Shaped counter and the Zen style interior is showcasing a small Zen garden with a fountain ensuring a serene ambience.

Chef Riku Toda is passionate not only in creating a sushi restaurant aimed at reaching the standards of those Japan, but rather in opening a sushi-ya that is truly authentic in culture and taste-one that even Japanese people themselves would want to fly from Japan to have a taste of our creations.

The arts of sushi derived from a long history of tradition. In Japan, a sushi chef is considered a high-profiled profession, meeting the levels of national artists. Being a sushi chef not only requires well-trained skills in grooming ingredients, but also requires many years of spiritual cultivation of ancient tradition and culture.

Chef Riku Toda (戸田陸), born in the province of Saitama in Japan, had extreme interest and passion for Japanese food and sushi ever since he was a child. Toda thus ventured into the world of sushi at an early age and was intensely trained by great Chef Hachiroi Mizutani himself.

Sushi Ichizu offers 2 options for our courses—a Nigiri Course for 4,000++ THB and an Omakase Course for 8,000++ THB.

Sushi Ichizu is very particular about reservations and timing as all diners are served at the same time and the delay of one guest will affect others diners significantly. There are only two sittings per day, therefore, reservation is required.

1982 New Petchaburi Road
Khwaeng Bang Kapi, Khet Huai Khwang
Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +66 65 738 9999
Web: Sushi Ichizu at Bangkok