Wisdom of Thai Cuisine at R-HAAN Restaurant

R-Haan restaurant, Wisdom of Thai Cuisine, opened officially in May 2018 and focuses on the heart of Thai cookery. Each menu is seasoned and cooked by highly experienced Thai food chef with only the best ingredients as strictly prescribed by traditional recipes. No wonder each dish is filled with the charm of Thai cuisine.

Each dish served on the table not only represents the true taste of Thai food, but also reflects the art of royal utensils during the Rattanakosin Era. Every single menu is presented on a beautiful and hand-crafted utensil made by professional crafters. This truly shows how R-haan is committed to the best. The real traditional Thai cuisine and the happiness from every single delicious bite are what R-haan strives for.

From inspiration to reality, Chef Chumpol Jangprai, or widely known as the “master chef” of Thai cuisine, has spent his entire life learning, experimenting, and developing his Thai recipes including researching and sourcing the best local ingredients. Today, Chef Chumpol and his partner, Mr.  Piti Bhirombhakdi, Thailand’s famous Food and Beverage company heir, are ready to pursue their dream of presenting the essence of authentic Thai food and the charm of Thai cuisine. From the profound love for authentic Thai food, the fine-dining Thai restaurant called “R-Haan” was finally launched and is ready to serve you the best experience of Thai cuisine.

For reservations, please call + 66 (0) 2 059 0433 – 34 or visit www.r-haan.com